3 problems in cricket world that nobody is talking about, check out what are they

Cricketing world have been mostly on the upheaval trajectories for decades now. The number of cricket playing nations along with associate nations are continuously increasing. However, there are 3 problems in the cricket world which nobody wants to talk about. Here are they:

1: The death of Zimbabwe Cricket:

In the nineties era, the Zimbabwe cricket team was one of the toughest opponents to beat in the world. Andy Flower, Grant Flower, Heath Streak, Henry Olonga are some of the names most of us have grown up watching on our black and white television sets.

Sadly, in the year 2003 Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe started interfering in the cricket team and team selections. His radical reforms were a major concern for the country and its cricket team.

Andy Flower and Henry Olonga protested with black armbands about this “death of democracy” and following which Andy announced his retirement. A few years later, there was a rising quota for black players in the cricket team which Heath Streak opposed, and he also had to lose on his captaincy. Zimbabwe cricket has been on and off ever since.


2: The tusk between the West Indies cricket board and players:

West Indies cricket team is 2nd favorite cricket team of almost every cricketing fan. They have a rich cricketing history. In 2014, the WI cricket board reduced the match fees for players by more than half. Players like Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Bravo opposed it but it had no impact on the board. Two years later, the WI board decided to reduce the annual contract amount by more than half, and post this all the major players like Chris Gayle, Simmons, Carlos Brathwaite opted not to play for WI. The interference from the WI board increased further and players’ resistance to these changes do not affect the board at all. This is a major loss to the cricketing world.


3: India vs Pakistan rivalry:

India versus Pakistan is one of the most intense rivalries in all sports. Whenever the two nations meet almost 20% of the world’s population watches it. Sadly, because of one or the other reasons, these clashes have been limited to world-cup meetings only. Apart from this, the bilateral series between the two cricketing giants are not there anymore. India last visited Pakistan in 2006. Following a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in 2009, cricket in Pakistan was off for almost 10 years. It’s a loss for cricket fans all over the globe.


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