5 female WWE superstars with most wins in WWE

WWE FEMALE SUPERSTARS: WWE Women’s division have come up with the greatest women wrestlers of all time. Legends like Trish Stratus, Lita and Natalya have set up a standard which other wrestling entertainment shows fail to cope up with.

Here are 5 WWE Women superstars with the most wins in WWE:

Natalya- 618 wins

Natalya has a record of 618 wins out of her 1333 matches played. She made her debut at the WWE in 2008 and was the Smackdown Women’s title and Diva’s Championship title holder during her career.

Natalya is the first third generation female wrestler in the world and is the member of the hart family along with WWE superstar Bret Hart.

Bayley- 610 wins

Bayley has a record of 610 wins out of 809 matches played which is a really high win percentage (75% approx.). Bayley has won her highest number of matches against the 6 foot Nia Jax.

Bayley made her debut at the NXT in March 2012 after which she gained a wide base of fandom. Her best win records include 6 Women’s titles and 1 Women’s Money in the Bank match.

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Becky Lynch- 505 wins

Becky Lynch is currently among the most popular Women superstars at WWE. Becky has won 505 matches out of 758 matches played with the most wins against the WWE superstar Carmella.

Becky is currently on a leave and is expected to return soon. The rumours suggest that Becky would be making her surprise return at this Wrestlemania 37th.

Charlotte Flair- 490 wins

The legendary Rick Flair’s daughter, Charlotte Flair possesses a record of 490 wins out of 877 matches played. Out of all the WWE women superstars, Charlotte had the most promising career from the beginning.

Charlotte has won 12 Women’s titles and also the Women’s Royal Rumble. Charlotte’s persona changed the definition of the WWE Women’s division and changed the pre-conceived notions in the minds of the viewers regarding women.

Naomi- 473 wins

Naomi made her debut in 2012 after which she went on to winning 2 Smackdown Women’s titles and the 2018 Women’s Battle Royal. Naomi has a record of winning 473 matches out of 732 matches played.


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