5 Predictions for tonight’s Monday Night RAW, check out

WWE RAW PREDICTIONS: Monday Night RAW is all set in motion with the superstars ready to face each other before the final event The Wrestlemania 37th taking place after 2 weeks. Not many matches are fixed for the day,

Hence, here are 5 predictions from our side for Monday Night RAW:

Attacks on Drew McIntyre:

On the Last episode of RAW, Bobby Lashley directed the wrestlers in the RAW locker room to attack Drew McIntyre so that Bobby doesn’t have to face Drew McIntyre at the Wrestlemania for his WWE Championship title.

Lashley offered a WWE title match to the wrestler who could injure Drew McIntyre on the next episode of RAW which suggests possibility of attacks on Drew McIntyre for the upcoming Monday Night RAW show.

Matt Riddle V/S Sheamus:

Matt Riddle, The current WWE United States Champion will face The Celtic Warrior Sheamus in a non title one on one match this Monday Night RAW which would also determine the possibility of their match at Wrestlemania 37th.

Sheamus, after losing against Drew McIntyre needs to reframe his image at the WWE which means he needs to add a championship title to his belt. This Monday Night RAW is the only possible chance Sheamus has left with him.

Rhea Ripley V/S Peyton Royce:

Rhea Ripley who just made her debut, will be facing Peyton Royce in the upcoming RAW episode in a one on one match. Peyton Royce was defeated by Asuka not so long ago and she will be facing Rhea Ripley next. Rhea Ripley needs to show Asuka why she thinks she deserves the RAW Women’s championship title by defeating Peyton Royce this Monday Night. Our Prediction- Rhea Ripley

The possibility of AJ Styles V/S Xavier Woods:

Last week, Kofi Kingston faced AJ Styles in a one on one match where Kofi won due to a distraction made by Xavier Woods on AJ Styles.

AJ Styles and Omos are already scheduled to face The New Day i.e. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods at the Wrestlemania 37th for the RAW Tag Team championship titles but AJ Styles might need a match with Xavier Woods to teach him a lesson this Monday Night RAW.


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