5 surprising WWE superstars who can return at Wrestlemania 37

WWE WRESTLEMANIA SURPRISE: WWE Wrestlemania have experienced the most shocking returns of all the time. The fan favourites have a history of returning at the Wrestlemania and shocking the audience to their core.

Here are 5 surprising returns that could take place at this Wrestlemania:

Becky Lynch:

One who’s also rumoured to return, Becky Lynch took leave from WWE to have a kid with Seth Rollins in the end of 2020. Becky, with her leave also made the RAW Women’s Championship fair game for the other women wrestlers.

Seth Rollins recently in an interview said that Becky would return to the WWE soon which suggests she could make her grand return at the Wrestlemania and appear in a spontaneous match too.


Goldberg can also make a surprise return at this Wrestlemania 37th. Goldberg was previously defeated by Drew McIntyre at the Wrestlemania 36th which was the last time WWE saw Goldberg.

Goldberg has defeated great WWE Superstars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Big Show in his initial wrestling period but still is an underappreciated wrestler. Anyone can be “The Next” this Wrestlemania if the rumours are to be true.

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The Undertaker:

The Undertaker has a record of 24 wins at the Wrestlemania which is the highest for any wrestler. Recently the Undertaker posted on Social media that he’s no longer in any contract with the WWE but it isn’t impossible to attend the event of the events. The Undertaker has a huge base of fans which are definitely expected his return this Wrestlemania.

The Bella Twins:

The Bella Twins have already reserved a spot at the WWE Hall Of Fame 2021 as the Twins were to be a part of the Hall Of Fame class for 2020 which then got cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic situation.

In several interviews, The Bella Twins have expressed their attitude over returning to the WWE to have one more fight. The rumours suggest that the Bella Twins may fight soon in the ring, it may not be at this Wrestlemania but it is going to be soon.

Brock Lesnar:

Brock Lesnar was previously seen at Wrestlemania 36th in a one on one WWE Championship title match against Drew McIntyre where Lesnar lost. John Cena’s father believes that Brock Lesnar must appear as the Special Guest Referee for the match between Bobby Lashley V/S Drew McIntyre this year.

Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley, The Current WWE Champion has also expressed his attitude over fighting the Beast Brock Lesnar. Bobby mentioned that he wants to fight the Beast either on MMA or WWE which suggests the return of Brock Lesnar.


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