5 things that we have learnt from this week’s episode of Raw (29/3)

WWE RAW HIGHLIGHTS: WWE Monday Night RAW brought a series of events which were not expected like Bobby Lashley beating up the Hurt Business i.e. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander leading to Shelton asking Adam Pierce for a match between him and Bobby Lashley.

Here are 5 things that we learnt from this week’s RAW episode:

Drew McIntyre might get injured before Wrestlemania:

Bobby Lashley asked the Hurt Business to settle Drew McIntyre once and for all so that Bobby doesn’t have to defend his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania.

To this, the Hurt Business failed after which Bobby Lashley lashed out at Cedric & Shelton after which Bobby Lashley openly announced that whichever wrestler injured Drew McIntyre would be rewarded with a WWE title match against Lashley at the Wrestlemania.

Although Drew McIntyre isn’t afraid at all of any wrestler attacking him, he is in quite danger as the WWE Championship title match is the biggest opportunity any wrestler can get.

Sheamus might be the upcoming WWE United States Champion:

On Monday Night RAW, The Celtic Warrior Sheamus fought Riddle in a non title match where Sheamus dominated for the better part of the match. Riddle managed to land some of his moves on Sheamus but didn’t managed to win as the Celtic Warrior landed the Brogue Kick.

The bout between the two showed an upper hand for Sheamus and the upcoming match at the Wrestlemania might end up in the same and exact way.

Braun Strowman challenges Shane McMahon for a Steel Cage match at Wrestlemania:

Braun Strowman faced Jaxson Ryker this Monday night RAW and won in his own dominant fashion. Prior to that, Shane McMahon pulled out Braun’s Fifth Grade Mark sheet which was full of D grades and humiliated Braun’s intellectual capabilities.

After Braun scored his victory against Jaxson, Shane McMahon and Elias attempted to attack Braun to which Braun Strowman managed to outmanoeuvre both of them.

At last, Braun told Shane McMahon that he won’t be able to escape Strowman this Wrestlemania and challenged him to a Steel Cage match which became official afterwards.

Drew McIntyre Expresses his rage:

After Bobby Lashley’s bounty on Drew McIntyre, Drew went to the RAW locker room where he asked each wrestler to step up for Lashley and fight McIntyre so that he can send a message to Lashley by beating that Superstar.

Finally, Drew got a match with Ricochet. For a while, it appeared as if Ricochet was winning the match but Drew McIntyre finished the match in one blow but it wasn’t over yet.

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After winning the match, Drew was attacked by Mustafa Ali which then turned on Ali after Drew outmanoeuvred Ali but it still wasn’t over. Bobby Lashley, then arrived in the ring and both Drew and Lashley started fighting after which Drew threw Lashley out of the ring only to be attacked by Baron Corbin.
Seeing this, Lashley appeared in the ring and gave Drew the Hurt lock.

Brock Lesnar is expected at Wrestlemania 37th:

Earlier, John Cena’s father i.e. John Cena Sr. tweeted that he was expecting the Beast Brock Lesnar to show up at the Wrestlemania 37th as a Special Guest Referee for the match between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley.

This could possibly lead to a future brawl between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar and would finally give fans the satisfaction they want.


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