5 unexpected things that will happen this year at Wrestlemania 37

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 37: The Wrestlemania, as it has always been comes again with unexpected events and rumours from the crazy fan base. Wrestlemania is the only event where the fans can expect crazy superstar returns like The Rock, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and many more. Let’s look at 5 unexpected things that could take place this time at Wrestlemania:

Daniel Bryan V/S Roman Reigns V/S Edge- WWE Universal Championship:

Roman Reigns and Edge are scheduled for the main event of Wrestlemania 37th for the WWE Universal Championship match but the rumours suggest that Daniel Bryan could also catch a spot at this match and make it a triple threat brawl. Bryan, who recently lost to Roman Reigns for the universal title at Fastlane blames Edge for his loss as the Edge interrupted the match hitting both the superstars with steel chair leading Reigns to the win. Daniel Bryan would not sit steady until he reserves a spot at this match for himself.

The Return of the Undertaker:

The one wrestler who was famous for his unbreakable streak at the Wrestlemania is the Undertaker before his winning streak was put to a stop by Brock Lesnar. The Undertaker was on a winning streak of 21-0 before facing Brock Lesnar after which the streak came to an end. With the return of the Undertaker, there would be a lot of excitement among the fans and there would be more heat if the Undertaker spontaneously gets an opponent for a one on one match at the Wrestlemania.

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Riddle V/S Sheamus- WWE United States Championship:

The Celtic Warrior Sheamus recently lost to Drew McIntyre this Fastlane which would be his second lose against McIntyre. Sheamus who has been the WWE champion for a lot of times in his career has fallen down in the WWE’s wrestling class and experienced downgrade in his current profile which is why, the rumours suggest that Sheamus might challenge and face Riddle, who recently defeated Mustafa Ali at Fastlane for the United States Championship, at the Wrestlemania in a one on one match for the WWE United States Championship and maybe reinstate himself in the WWE.

Brock Lesnar’s Return:

Brock Lesnar has a history with WWE of picking an opponent in the public attention and stealing the attention by defeating him. Brock did that with John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker and many more. Brock Lesnar was defeated by Drew McIntyre last Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship which suggests that Brock might still be upset as it was the game changer for Lesnar. Meanwhile, if Brock returns, it would be really hard to judge whether whom Brock has his eyes on. Who can it be?

Seth Rollins V/S Cesaro:

What everyone forgot about was the collision between Seth Rollins and Cesaro. Cesaro was attacked by Seth backstage after which Seth had a clash with Shinsuke Nakamura which led to a match between the two superstars which ended up with Seth Rollins defeating Shinsuke Nakamura. Both the superstars Cesaro and Rollins are gunning for each other which could lead to an aggressive and cunning match between the superstars at the Wrestlemania 37th.


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