CM Punk Will Miss the Wrestlemania 40 Due To Torn Triceps

During the last day of Monday Night RAW broadcasts through USA Network, superstar CM Punk has confirmed his absence from the next edition of WrestleMania after making his tricep muscle injury official, suffered during his participation in Royal Rumble 2024.

After a preview surrounded by rumors, the professional wrestler appeared before the public in Tampa, Florida with his arm in a cast and protected by a sling. While looking at the marquee of The Showcase of Immortals , Punk remembered how close he was to winning the men’s Royal Rumble two days ago, but he did not show anger and offered his congratulations to Cody Rhodes, whom he wanted to see his story finished.

“I’ve always been around a lot of things in this business, but being around doesn’t mean completing achievements,” Punk said. ” I feel like I haven’t had the best luck in the world lately . I damaged my arm at the Royal Rumble. And while I thought I could convince Triple H to go to Elimination Chamber and have my WrestleMania main event, I’ve been told I’ll have to go through surgery to return to competition .”

The Best in the World remembered a friend who suffers from cancer, and who, despite battling this disease, was accompanied by his family. “Those are real fights. What happened to me is just a small obstacle. Did you see me fight in the UFC? Maybe it wasn’t great, but I said yes because it was my dream. And I didn’t doubt it for a single second, because it excited me as much as coming back here after ten years.

“WrestleMania excites me, and I will fight to reach that stage. That makes me The Best in the World . Being the best is fighting for what you dream of. WrestleMania XL may not be in the cards , but as a good Chicago Cubs fan I must to say that there will always be a next year. The segment ended with a controversial statement by Drew McIntyre, who said that he “prayed every night for this to happen to him.”

After a threat from CM Punk, the Scotsman did not hesitate to attack his injured arm and stomp it to the canvas. Sami Zayn came out to the ring to defend The Best in the World , pushing McIntyre away and helping Punk up to close the segment.