Damian Priest Gets His Finishing Move New Name Last Week On RAW

WWE renames Damian Priest’s inverted spinning cutter from The Reckoning to Hit The Lights.

In addition to having what looks to be a hugely promising future on the WWE main roster, Damian Priest has now had his finishing move renamed.

Previously known as the Reckoning, the Archer of Infamy’s patented inverted spinning cutter is now known as Hit the Lights. The reveal of this renaming came on last night’s Raw, with Tom Phillips referring to the manoeuvre as Hit the Lights when Priest hit it on his way to victory over Angel Garza.

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While there’s no official word on why this rebranding has taken place, one logical reason may simply be to avoid any confusion with RETRIBUTION’s Reckoning, aka Mia Yim.

Various reports continue to say how impressed WWE officials have been with Damian Priest since he formally made the jump from NXT on the post-Royal Rumble episode of Raw last month.

Given his impressive look, his decent promo skills and his solid in-ring work, several familiar news outlets have stated how WWE views Priest as being their next big Latino star. In recent weeks, of course, the former Punishment Martinez has been paired with rapper Bad Bunny – which will only bring even more eyes to Priest, potentially ahead of tagging with Bunny at WrestleMania 37.


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