Daniel Bryan calls out Roman Reigns: He is the best, but does not wrestle with his heart

WWE News: Daniel Bryan was recently a guest on the latest episode of Talking Smack, where he spoke about his upcoming participation in the Royal Rumble, and his ongoing feud with Roman Reigns.

In his appearance, Bryan acknowledged to Paul Heyman that while Roman Reigns may be the best of the best right now, he doesn’t wrestle with his heart, and that’s why many don’t connect with him. “It’s a facade, it always has been,” he said. “He came out there, when he debuted in this company, wearing a vest…a bulletproof vest, so you couldn’t see his heart. I have a theory that why they connected with me, and this happens every night, I put my heart out there.”

Bryan went on to say that in his 21 years of wrestling, he’s seen many guys go into the ring and just do their job, whereas Bryan continues to see it as something that he wants to fight with his heart. He reiterated that he’s still extremely passionate about wrestling, and before he makes the transition to becoming a family man, he’s going to give wrestling all he has. Bryan is looking to finally come out on top in this year’s Royal Rumble, and has said for some time now that if he does, he’ll be trying to take down Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.


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