Daniel Bryan wears new WWE merchandise in support of planting trees by donating his take

WWE News: Daniel Bryan is still the Planet’s Champion for a lot of fans, He might not be holding a title belt right now, but he’s still all about saving the Earth. He’s also putting his money where his mouth is.

During Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan appeared and he was wearing his new WWE merchandise. He then said that fans should buy the shirt because he will donate his take to planting trees.

“Hey, check out my new shirt. So, I’m not a big shill as far as sales of my shirts go, but this is made out of completely recycled material, and all of my proceeds, all the money that I get paid for pays for a tree to be planted with every shirt purchased. That said, I do not condone going out and buying unnecessary shirts, but if you’re going to buy one, then there you go. It’s a finger made out of trees.”

Daniel Bryan isn’t about consumerism, but this is a special circumstance. WWE has a ton of merchandise on their website, but only one shirt will help plant some trees.


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