Edge helps Roman Reigns to retain his WWE Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan, check out the reason

WWE FASTLANE 2021: The Fastlane PPV’s main event presented the WWE Universal Championship Title match with Roman Reigns facing Daniel Bryan with Edge as the Special Guest Enforcer for the match. Both the wrestlers landed their moves one after another on each other where in the end, Daniel Bryan caught Roman Reigns in the Yes Lock. With the referee unconscious, it didn’t mattered when Reigns tapped out to the submission hold.

Meanwhile, Edge took this to his advantage when he appeared into the ring and hit Bryan with the steel chair breaking the submission hold. After a while, another referee appeared and counted the fall as Reigns pinned the injured Daniel Bryan and retained the title. Now, what could have been the reason for Edge helping Reigns retain the title?

What if Edge is planning on challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship title at the Wrestlemania? as the two superstars already have a match scheduled for Wrestlemania.

1– If this were to be true, then the sole reason of Edge helping Reigns out might be that if Daniel Bryan wins, then Reigns would appear at Wrestlemania without the Universal title and it would then just be a regular one on one match. That’s why Edge, maybe, helped Reigns out even though they appear to be rivals to one another.

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2– Another reason why Edge helped Reigns out might be the newly cultivated rivalry between Edge and Daniel Bryan. Edge didn’t liked how Bryan regained his shot at the WWE Universal Title at Fastlane and told Bryan “You’re better than this, but you’re not better than me” on WWE. Also at the Contract signing between Reigns and Bryan for the match at Fastlane, Edge appeared in the ring which ended with all the 3 superstars attacking each other and in the end, Bryan hitting Edge with the high knee.3– The last reason could be sheer anger and no motive. As we saw in the match at Fastlane that Edge beat up both the superstars and not Daniel Bryan. However at the end of the match he hit Bryan with the steel chair which gave Reigns the upper hand and Reigns ended up winning the match. Maybe Edge lost his mind at the end of the match as mentioned in the tweet by WWE which said that Edge has lost it.


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