Fab 4 Record Alert: Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Kane Williamson & Steve Smith who is the best Test captain

The ‘Fab Four or Best Four’ of the current generation are dominating world cricket now. The Fab Four includes Team India captain Virat Kohli, former Australia captain Steven Smith, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, and England Test captain Joe Root.

1. Kane Williamson

The New Zealand skipper Williamson made his Test cricket debut against India at Ahmedabad on 4 November 2010. In his first innings he scored 131 runs off 299 balls and became the eighth New Zealand player to score a century on Test debut. He is the run machine in tests for his team New Zealand. He has played 55 innings in 35 tests and scored 3078 runs with an average of 62.82 with 251 as his highest individual score. He has scored 11 centuries and 13 half centuries in tests as captain so far with an outstanding average. If we talk about his captaincy record he has won 21 tests out of 35 tests and has lost 8 tests and 6 draws. His win percentage is 60% and Lose percentage is just 22.85 % in test cricket.

2. Virat Kohli

The modern age run machine in every format of game the Indian skipper Virat kohli has played 97 innings in 59 test matches and has scored 5392 runs with an average of 59.25. He has scored 20 centuries and 15 half centuries with 254* as his highest individual score in test Cricket. He has won 35 tests out of 59 tests and has lost 14 tests and 10 draws. His win percentage is 58.33 and loss percentage is 23.33 % in test cricket.

3. Joe Root

The England test captain Joe Root is phenomenal batsman for his team in test matches and has been scoring runs in tests and that’s why he is in fab 4 batsman in international cricket.
Root has played 89 innings in 49 tests so far and has scored 3988 runs with an average of 46.37 and has scored 9 centuries and 22 half centuries with 228 as his highest individual score in test Cricket. Root has won 26 tests out of 49 and has lost 17 tests and 6 draws. His win percentage is 52 and loss percentage is 34 %.

4. Steve Smith

Steve Smith despite the sand paper scandal at South Africa tour which led him to led down as captain. But when he was leading his team in test cricket he was busy in breaking and creating the records in test Cricket. Smith has played 60 innings in 34 tests by scoring 3659 runs and has scored 15 centuries and 13 half centuries with an average of 70.37 with 239 as his highest individual score in test cricket. Smith has won 18 tests out of 34 and has lost 10 tests and 6 draws. His win percentage is 52.94% and loss percentage is 29.41 %.

At present if we see captain with most wins then of course it is Virat kohli but if we see the captain with highest win percentage then it is Kane Williamson. So it is not very easy to say who is the world’s best captain in Fab 4 but anyone can name his best test captain on his own perception and calculation.


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