India Vs England 4th Test: 3 things that can be avoided in Ahmedabad’s test

Test Cricket is the format of the game which shows the hard work , reliance , determination of the players of team in which the team which don’t compete against its opponent loses the game.

It helps to builds the character of the players and the team but what we witnessed in Ahmedabad at Narendra Modi Stadium is quite unexpected and quick result.

It  is the game in which we can’t get results before the last ball of the last session on the 5th day but in the 3rd Test Match we even predicted the result on the first day when we saw the spinners of India shattered the English batsman very smoothly. It is the first time that in a day night test match the spinners took more wickets than fast bowlers.

Taking lessons from the 3rd test 3 things can be avoided in the final 4th test match –

1. Avoid using Spin Track

It is obvious that the hosting country gets extra advantage of the pitch because it is made on the basis of their strength. But If the pitch will same in 4th test questions will be raised that why a test match is called of 5 days when it just gets complete with a result in just 2 days.

2. Viewers to get pay for each penny

Spectators come to watch the battle between a bowler and batsman where both are equally skilled but when they will see one sided domination they will be disappointed and will not be able to enjoy the match.

3. Captains to come forward

To change this scenario the captains of both the teams shall come forward and take a stand on the pitch and shall discuss mutually which kind of pitch they want and of course they would want the pitch where the opponent can give a strong answers to the questions of the hosts


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