Joan Laporta will be the new Barcelona club president after winning the elections

Joan Laporta has won Barcelona’s presidential elections and he would now be in charge of the Spanish club.

Laporta was elected as the president by the club members in the elections for the Presidency and Board of Directors held on Sunday.

It was an exemplary election day, and for the first time, it was held in six different electoral venues and incorporated the vote-by-mail results.“A total of 55,611 members exercised their right to vote and by a large majority, they chose Joan Laporta with a total of 30,184 votes. Before the start of election day, 20,663 members had already exercised their right to vote by mail, which for the first time was incorporated in elections to the presidency, and 87,479 members could vote in person in any of the six territorial headquarters,” FC Barcelona said in its official statement.

Laporta has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s in Company Law and Tax Experts at the Institut d’Estudis Superiors Abat Oliba in Barcelona.

Laporta was previously elected president of FC Barcelona after winning the elections held in June 2003, and in the summer of 2006, he was re-elected as president of the club.

With Joan Laporta, a generation of young and dynamic leaders came to the entity who generated a real boost by putting into circulation the expression of the ‘virtuous circle’, which tried to strengthen the club economically and socially, to make a winning team possible and to provide feedback for the social dimension of the entity.During the seven years of his presidency, the first team achieved two Champions Leagues, four league championships, a Copa del Rey, a Club World Cup, a European Super Cup, three Spanish Super Cups, and three Spanish Cups.

It should be noted that the four professional sections of the club (football, basketball, handball, and roller hockey) managed to proclaim themselves European champions under his presidency too.


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