Last minute Possible Spoilers & Superstars return that we can see tonight at WWE Fastlane 2021

WWE FASTLANE 2021: There are certain rumours associated with WWE’s Fastlane event. One of them being that Daniel Bryan might be added to the WWE Universal Championship match at the 37th Wrestlemania event this April. If this were to be true, the match that’s already been scheduled for the Wrestlemania event between Edge and Roman Reigns would turn into a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship Title.

Also if this rumour is true, that means Roman Reigns might retain his title against Bryan at Fastlane.

Another Rumour is the comeback by the Fiend Bray Wyatt for payback from the Viper Randy Orton 3 months after The Viper tried to burn The Fiend alive. Randy Orton’s facing Alexa Bliss in an Intergender match this Fastlane but the Fiend has always been involved in this rivalry. Randy Orton finally seems to think that he got rid of The Fiend for good but what if that’s not true and the Fiend is just sitting back waiting for the perfect opportunity to finally take his revenge from the Viper.

Another is the match between Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman which was scheduled at the Wrestlemania 37th this April but was rumoured to be placed at Fastlane. If it still isn’t in the final Fastlane matchcard, it still can appear as the WWE has always been known to be uncertain and full of surprises.

Here’s another thing that all of us are forgetting. Who is the Wrestlemania’s most hyped wrestler? Hint, he had a rivalry with Brock Lesnar. You might’ve guesses it.

It’s The Undertaker who fought and won 21 consecutive fights at WWE’s Wrestlemania until he faced Brock Lesnar and his streak came to an end. We’ve always seen The Undertaker at the Wrestlemania event. In the Wrestlemania 36th Edition he faced AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match where he defeated A.J Styles and won via burial. The rumour is whether or not The Undertaker might make a comeback and make a spontaneous challenge for a fight.


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