My friend, My couple, My fiancée, Andrade’s loveable words for Charlotte Flair

This past week on Raw Charlotte Flair fought against Asuka, for her double result. In addition to the victory she secured a titled match against Rhea Ripley at Money in The Bank.

The most attentive fans will have noticed that the Queen has added to her fleet of moves, already very large, two moves used by her boyfriend Andrade. Who pointed it out on social networks by showing a video that shows their executions simultaneously.

“The world is Ours”

The moves Charlotte borrowed this week were a spinning back elbow and a standing moonsault, Andrade fished out a video of his 2018 match against Gargano, and not just any one as it was a match in the top 10 of 2018 matches. Just to compare the executions and added an affectionate caption to his girlfriend.

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“My friend, my couple, my fiancée, my motivation and even my grumpy. My better half! […] The world is Ours!”


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