Rapper Bow Wow dreaming to start his career in WWE and wants to Tag Team with Rey Mysterio

WWE News: WWE had one of their biggest celebrity appearances in recent memory last week when Bad Bunny performed at the Royal Rumble. He also appeared the next night on Raw. Now, rapper Bow Wow has also stated his intentions to make the jump to WWE.

The rapper Bow Wow made the announcement on Twitter earlier today. He mentioned that after he released his last album he wants to focus on television and film, as well as wrestling for WWE.

He also mentioned that his goal is to win the WWE Tag Team Championship with Rey Mysterio as his partner. Bow Wow called wrestling for WWE his lifelong childhood dream.

Whether the rapper follows through with these ambitions remains to be seen. As other celebrities have shown, wrestling is a lot more difficult than most realize and making a real career of it takes a lot of work.

Bow Wow also has an angle in mind for himself when he arrives in WWE. He envisions himself teaming up with Rey Mysterio to pull down the WWE Tag Team Titles. We’ll just have to see if that happens.

Bow Wow has announced that his next album will be his last one. He has been rapping recreationally since the age of six.


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