Rumours and Predictions WWE Fastlane 2021: Championship matches and big feud that can happen this Sunday

WWE Fastlane 2021: They best thing about Rumours is that even though they can be fake, they add a lot of spice to the upcoming events. The upcoming Fastlane event includes encounters between the most fan favourite superstars. With championship titles on the line, things could go ugly.

Championship Titles:

Roman Reigns V/S Daniel Bryan – WWE Universal Championship

The heat between this match turned up when Edge suggested a match between him and Jey Uso on Smackdown where the winner gets to appear as the Guest Enforcer for the match between Bryan and Reigns. It is highly possible that the championship match turns into a triple threat match if Edge appears as the Guest Enforcer for the match. Meanwhile, our money is on Roman Reigns retaining his title.

Apollo Crews V/S Big E – Intercontinental Championship

What would you think of 2 underrated superstars being in a rivalry. Moreover, how would you predict who can come out to be the winner out of these two. A short lived rivalry seeking massive public attention as both the stars attacked each other with steel steps in different matches. Would Big E retain his title or we would be able to see a new Intercontinental Champion. Our Prediction – Apollo Crews wins.

Alexa Bliss V/S Randy Orton

An Intergender feud has come to the public attention as things went dark after the Viper puked black vomit out of his mouth due to Alexa Bliss. Moreover, the rumours suggest that the Fiend Bray Wyatt could re appear to take his revenge on the Viper for burning him alive at RAW 3 months back. Our Prediction – Randy Orton wins

Drew McIntyre V/S Sheamus

Drew McIntyre’s last stop before Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania is The Celtic Warrior Sheamus. The rivalry could finally be put to an end unless the rumour orbiting this rivalry becomes true. What if this match’s winner gets to be the number one contender for the WWE championship title match at Wrestlemania against Bobby Lashley? Well, that would be a big blow for Drew McIntyre. Our Prediction – Drew McIntyre


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