WWE Smackdown Result & Highlight: Friday Night SmackDown Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 17 November 2023

WWE Smackdown Result & Highlight: Friday Night SmackDown Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 17 November 2023

Tonight we will once again enjoy a new live follow-up of Friday Night SmackDown.  WWE’s weekly show is broadcast from the Ford Center.

In Evansville, Indiana.  In this news you will find the quick results, videos and complete summary of the show.

LIVE Follow-up WWE SmackDown November 17, 2023

Damage CTRL make their entrance to start the episode.  Bayley takes credit for Asuka’s arrival to the group last week.  The latter is expressed in Japanese.

Causing laughter from IYO Sky and Kairi Sane, but worrying The Role Model.  Dakota Kai calms her down, and officially announces the plan.

For the group: a match against Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair and Shotzi at WarGames.  The latter performs a surprise attack on her opponents.

Which Flair and Belair join without success. Backstage, Shotzi is scolded by her teammates while they try to come up with a name for.

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The fourth member for Survivor Series 2023. Nick Aldis warns that her partner will have to meet tonight.

 Opportunity for Couples Championships

 Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs.  Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland) vs.  Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince)

Butch and Elton slap Angelo, who manages to take the former to his corner and relieve them for a team attack.  Montez maintains the advantage until.

Wilson attacks by surprise.  Holland gets in the ring and takes Kit to the corner for a Rolling DDT.  Brawling Brutes go for blows to Street Profits’ chest.

But Pretty Deadly knocks them off on the way to the steel steps. We return from the break with a Double Suplex from Holland.  Butch takes over and.

Distributes attacks from all sides.  Dawkins recovers and throws Butch on Elton.  The three teams take over.  Holland maintains the advantage until receiving.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Latest News:

Clothesline from Wilson.  Prince takes over by surprise and attacks Montez with a machete.  Butch accidentally attacks his partner. Street Profits take Holland for the Revelation and take the victory.

 Winners: Street Profits on account of three

Michin seems to accept Bianca Belair’s proposal to enter WarGames.  After the commercial break, the former is ambushed by Damage CTRL, eliminating her from any chance of competing.

Dragon Lee vs.  Axiom

 The two start with arm pressure and quick exchanges.  Dragon applies a Dropkick followed by a Cannonball to ringside.  Axiom takes a kick.

To the chest and several hooks before the commercial break.The one from Spain attacks with a jump towards ringside that damages his leg in the fall.

Lee takes advantage of the opportunity and climbs to the third rope, but Axiom chases him before receiving a Stomp to the chest.

The Mexican receives a Dropkick and responds with a Vertical Suplex.  Axiom reverses a Powerbomb into a Poison-Rana.  Lee resists and.

Gains height, but is stopped by a kick followed by the Spanish Fly.  Dragon is miraculously saved and applies a Powerbomb before closing with his Dragon Operation.  1…2…3…

 Winner: Dragon Lee on account of three

Santos Escobar comes out to the ring to talk about his attack on Rey Mysterio.  “They say you should never meet your heroes. I come from a.

Wrestling tradition, with family members who have been heroes. But my main hero was Rey Mysterio, and I wanted the next generation to see me.

The same way they saw him. “You became a father figure to me and made me feel at home, but last week I realized that Dominik was absolutely right about you.”

 Santos remembers that Rey took his chance at the United States Championship.  He also takes it out on Carlito, whom he declares.

To be his mortal enemy.  “You put an outsider on me. All the pain you are suffering is the same pain I felt when you betrayed me.

I hope your surgery left an infection, and you will never walk again.”  Zelina Vega goes out to reason with Santos, but the verbal argument ends.

In a slap for Escobar.  Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro also seek to reason, but are attacked by Escobar.  Carlito comes out to the ring and scares Santos away.

 Cameron Grimes vs.  Grayson Waller