Top 5 current best heading players in football

Heading requires three important aspects: good timing, jumping reach and coordination. The combination of these three gives the perfect header. A jump early or late can ruin that chance easily so precision is key. The perfect header can be described with Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal vs Sampdoria in December 2019.

There are many players whose heading ability is top drawer and hence they make this list with the top 5 current best heading players in football.


The Juventus forward and Portuguese legend is not only someone who can score with either foot but also has the ability, technique and precision to score headed goals. As mentioned above, his goal against Sampdoria was a goal of the ages. The 2.56 m leap above the ground to score that goal is still mindboggling to understand. Cristiano regularly trains for headers and is so accurate with his technique that it is next to impossible that he ever misses the target. His second goal yesterday against Crotone was another example of a perfect header with the leap, precise timing and angle to score all in sync.


ImageThe Real Madrid defender scores an incredible number of headers and has 39 headed goals to his name in his career. He relishes the prospect of set pieces with the effectiveness, technique and consistency of scoring them making him one of the best at it. The leap he makes is close to what a Cristiano makes. As a defender, his ability to lead with energy and utilize the same energy to clear the ball away with skill is what makes him one of the best heading players along with his defending.


ImageThe Frenchman is one of the best when it comes to heading as well. It is this skill which he is known more for rather than when the ball is at his feet. His strength to overpower the defenders and score with finesse makes him a contender whenever his team gets a set piece situation. The 2018 World Cup winner has been subbed in many a times to rescue, win his team a game due to this skill set in his locker.


ImageThe Manchester United no 7 has been electrifying throughout his career when it comes to scoring headers. His intelligence to get into the right spaces, use that leap to perfection is what makes him a threat from corners and set pieces. He is one of the most reliable players in the Manchester United setup for the same. Cavani is an impact player for club, country and continues to be so.


ImageThe Tottenham striker is a key figure in Jose Mourinho’s side. It is not only his ability with to score via both feet but can also come up trumps during crosses, corners for getting over the defenders with confidence to score those towering headers.

As a striker, the ability and sense to catch onto any loose ball is key and when the ball is swerved in during set pieces, one has to make the quick adjustment to get the ball with precision, rise high and make a difference to his team. Harry Kane has this in his armour which is why he is one of England and Europe’s top strikers today.

The above-mentioned players have much an impact during such crucial moments with perfected headers. They train very hard in order to keep this skill up their sleeve so that it can executed during such times.

Our list ends here as we look forward to seeing more leaps and flights take off by the ones who make a difference on the pitch.





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