Top 5 teams with most goals in knockout stages of UEFA Champions League; check out

The UEFA Champions League in all its beauty still holds true to one fact, scoring when it matters. We have seen many moments which are etched in our memories; most of them coming from goals in the knockout stages.
High octane fuel resembled pressure out on the players, as they look to make a mark in the crucial knockouts of the competition.
Some are able to while some are not. This is the trigger point which helps teams absorb the pressure and step up to the plate.
We have many teams come to this stage and falter but the successful teams are the ones who take this challenge into their hands and make a statement.
The top 5 teams, who have scored the most goals in the knockout stage of Europe’s elite club competitions are the ones who have dug in and made it count.
Here are the top knockout stage scoring teams:
ImageThe Red Devils have won the Champions League on three occasions being 1968 when it was known as European Cup and in 1999, 2008 under Sir Alex Ferguson when they beat Bayern Munich and Chelsea respectively to become champions.
Manchester United have scored 95 goals in the 68 appearances they have made in the knockout stages of the competition.
They have won 30. Drawn 17 and lost 21 of the 68 matches played.
They last appeared in the Champions league in the current season 2020/21 where they crashed out in the group stage.
The Old Lady have made 68 appearances in the knockouts and have scored 99 goals during that time. Juventus won the title in 1985 and 1996 when they beat Liverpool and Ajax respectively.
Juventus last appeared in the Champions League this season in the round of 16 when they were knocked out by Porto on away goals.
ImageThe Blaugrana side have scored a whopping 167 goals in the knockouts in 97 matches, winning 48 of them. Barcelona were winners of the competition in 1992,2006,2009,2011 and 2015; which just shows their remarkable consistency to keep overhauling teams and going the distance.
They were sent packing by Paris Saint Germain this season in the Round of 16 this season but will come back stronger next season.
ImageLos Blancos have been the team of Champions League knockouts due to their consistent method of finding ways to get past teams in the crucial stages of the season.
They are the record holders of the Champions League winning it on 13 occasions which included a hat trick of wins in successive years (2016.2017,2018).
Real Madrid have hit the ball 176 times in the back of the net in 101 appearances; showing their dominance in the Champions League.
Their next assignment will be a quarter final tie against Liverpool in the Champions League.
ImageThe Bavarians have played 98 matches in the knockouts of the competition and have a record 195 goals to their credit.
Bayern Munich have won the trophy 6 times.
FC Hollywood, as they are nicknamed have been a devastating side this season too and are the current holders of the trophy.
Their next appearance in the knockouts will be against Paris Saint Germain, in the quarterfinals next month.


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