WrestleMania Backlash Top 5: The 1×1: WrestleMania Backlash 2022

WrestleMania Backlash Top 5: The 1×1: WrestleMania Backlash 2022

The 1×1 section returns to Solowrestling, where we will analyze the PPV matches in general and we will rate the performances.

WWE superstars individually from 1 to 10. Without further delay, we start with the review of WrestleMania Backlash 2022!

single combat
A great way to open a show that came with very few expectations. It was technically better than his match at WrestleMania 38.

With Cody Rhodes more technically toned. It is more than proven that these two do magic in the ring and it is likely that.

They will have closed their rivalry in a masterful way. Simply one of the best fights so far this year.

Cody Rhodes (Fine) THE BEST

He improved technically from WrestleMania 38 and did not make any mistakes in difficult situations.


Seth Rollins (Crack)

The Vision is life insurance and always puts on a great show.


Raw Tag Team Championship
The WrestleMania 38 experiment had its what, but or they should have stretched this rivalry so much.

It would have served as a bridge for Lashley to come back strong and to something else, but it is not benefiting either of them.

The worst thing is that he has all the numbers to have a continuity until Hell in a Cell.

Bobby Lashley (Harmed) THE BEST

He is not finding anything good in this rivalry. He complied, but he did not have a good companion.


Omos (Erratic)

He didn’t look comfortable and made a lot of transition mistakes.


single combat
A tactical match, with Edge beating AJ Styles at different stages for his insistent attack on his rival’s battered shoulder.

It made more sense than his match at WrestleMania and it was entertaining. Unsurprisingly, with the decision to sideline Damian Priest.

Edge received some unexpected help from his new partner: Rhea Ripley. Well played with the appearance of Finn Bálor.

Edge (Machiavellian) THE BEST

Both wrestlers put on a remarkable individual performance, but Edge stood out because of the small details.


AJ Styles (Incisor)

He tried everything and even applied the Styles Clash and faked the Spiral Tab.

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I Quit Match
Both showed a better version compared to WrestleMania 38, a fight marked by the timing in which it was held. On this occasion, despite having a fast pace.

They did not overdo it and offered a great show within the I Quit rules. Ronda Rousey once again gave off that feeling of greatness.

Charlotte Flair (Exceeded)

She did a good job, but a vacation will do her good.


Ronda Rousey (Returned) THE BEST

This DID look like the old Ronda Rousey. She managed to recover a small part of the essence that she gave off from her in the first stage of her with a great attitude.


single combat
Both characters are trite, despite the fact that their trajectory is very different.

Happy Corbin must urgently leave this character and Madcap Moss had the grace of him, but he no longer has it.

Simple combat, with too much time, located in the worst part of the billboard. The two fulfilled their role, but they did not show any interest.

Happy Corbin (Cornered)

He’s good in the ring, but he doesn’t have the right character or opponents.


Madcap Moss (Pushed) THE BEST

WWE wants to give him a chance, despite the fact that the public does not quite believe it.


Star event
A very busy fight that had as its sole objective to train and make us forget the absence of a starting fight.

Roman Reigns played his cards right and was very cunning, dodging.

Drew McIntyre and taking advantage of the key moment to get the victory without having to deal with him in the final moments.

Roman Reigns (Accurate)

He marked his moments very well and was even the protagonist without stepping into the ring.


Jimmy Uso (correct)

He was the fighter who least stood out in combat.


Jey Uso (Active)

It was the busiest afternoon for The Bloodline.


Drew McIntyre (Distracted)

He focused too much on Roman Reigns and did not shine.


Riddle (Lung) THE BEST

He was the busiest fighter in the entire match.

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Randy Orton (Inactive)

He waited for the last part of the fight to appear in a state of grace and kill everyone in his path. He didn’t do much else.