WWE Day 1 2023 Date, Time & Location| All you need to know

WWE Day 1 2023 Date, Time & Location| All you need to know

WWE Day 1 had its first edition on January 1, 2022, proposing a new concept of holding a PPV on the first day of the year. This idea came.

From Nick Khan, who promoted it as one of the novelties of his new project as co-President of the company.

As indicated by the professional wrestling journalist, Mike Johnson, from PWInsider, WWE will continue to maintain all the details.

By which the PPV was characterized last year, including the stadium where it took place. The McMahon company held.

Its first Premium Live Event of 2022 at the State Farm Arena, Atlanta, and for the 2023 edition the company will repeat the location.

It should be noted that WWE Day 1 underwent last minute changes to its programming.

In the first instance, the then WWE Champion, Big E, was going to defend his medal against Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley in a four-way match.

Brock Lesnar was added to this fight at the last minute, who could not face his rival that night, Roman Reings, since The Tribal Chief tested positive for COVID-19.

At the end of the event we could see Lesnar crowned as the new WWE Champion. As far as live events are concerned, WWE has also confirmed.

Two more shows at Madison Square Garden, an emblematic place for the company. WWE has confirmed that those shows will take place.

On June 25 and December 26, the latter a classic date for the Christmas festivities, where families often attend the venue as a family.