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WWE FASTLANE 2021: The duel that closed Fastlane could not have more action in its final rus. Roman Reings and Daniel Bryan had a long and beautiful match . The Universal champion imposed his physical power, but Bryan’s intelligence and speed made him spicy. Despite this, everything was forgotten because of what happened in the final section.

The applicant hit the referee fortuitously and Edge, who was controlled that the rules were met, went up to do that facet. In those appeared Jey Uso, who attacked Edge and tried it with Daniel, but went badly. Bryan took the chair that Uso had raised and when he wanted to hit Reigns it hit Edge. The Canadian was enraged and lashed out at the two contestants of the duel with bad luck that the fight was over.

The strength of Daniel is incredible, who, through tenacity and effort, managed to chain several ‘Locks of Yes’ to make the ‘Chief of the Tribe’ surrender. Edge, more concerned with hitting than controlling, made him release and then stormed off . A new referee showed up and Reings just had to get on top of Bryan. Roman will be at WrestleMania 37 (April 10 and 11) against Edge. It will be necessary to see if someone else does not join. It would be fair if Daniel Byan was there too.

Before that duel, we saw without a doubt the most brutal fight of the night. It starred Drew McIntyre and Sheamus . The Scotsman, who came out as a flag of his country painted on his face, prevailed after a very tough fight. There were no rules and that was in favor of the show and against the wrestlers. The two of them ate the ringiste protections, smashed tables … even Drew made Sheamus go through a Tremendous. Sheamus seemed to have everything on his face and put one leg of the commentary table over the ring. It was his moment, but McIntyre reacted and with a DDT on that part of the table and a Claymore ended the duel to seal his match against Lashley at WrestleMania.

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It was the best fight, but the biggest surprise happened in the fight afterwards. Alexa Bliss beat Randy Orton with the help of ‘The Fiend’ , who was returning after being burned at TLC by ‘Viper’ . The ‘Legend Killer’ nerves grow. Not even burning does he get rid of the Devil.

Meanwhile, tension also broke out in the women’s division. Sasha Banks ended up slapping Bianca Belair. Both lost their match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax due to misunderstanding. They suffered, but they brushed against the belts. Banks had Baszler on the verge of submission. Nia stepped in and Belair did the same. Jax threw his opponent against Banks’ key and the SmackDown champion began to argue with her partner.

It was what Jax needed to like a package to achieve victory. Belair looked at the WrestleMania poster. There he will try to redeem himself from tonight’s humiliation. The duel between Big E and Apollo Crews also points to Tampa. There was controversy in the combat,Well, after several exchanges of accounts on the ground, the two were in the same position (flat back to the canvas), but the referee gave the winner to Big E. He was still Intercontinental champion , but ended up taking a beating from Crews.

In the other title of the night, which went to kickoff, Matt Riddle retained the United States Championship against Mustafa Ali . Both contenders offered a great fight, very good and above all, clean. Ali had asked the other RETRIBUTION members not to intervene. They were true to their word, but that made the leader of the group feel bad. He berated him and that caused him to be pressed against the canvas . That attack staged the goodbye of a faction that came to change everything and has come to nothing. On the other hand, Seth Rollins achieved the most important victory since his return against Nakamura . The Japanese offered a great fight that opted for the side of the ‘Messiah’ thanks to the fact that he was more accurate. In the last fight of the nightBraun Strowman ran over Elias Strowman ran over Elias , who took over from Shane McMahon, who was scheduled, but was injured in the preview.


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