WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle questions the structure of WrestleMania 37 plans

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle questions the structure of WrestleMania 37 plans.

Kurt Angle has questioned the way WWE structure WrestleMania planning in the modern era.

The Hall Of Famer queried whether or not it’s a good thing that WWE seemingly wait until later to finalise ‘Mania’s card these days on his new podcast. Angle remembered how tightly-booked the product was when he first joined the company – back then, WWE had most of WrestleMania’s card laid out in their minds by December of the prior year.

That gave them time to fully flesh each story out from January-March/April. The downside was that any injuries or hiccups outwith their control could f*ck everything up.

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Kurt believes that process was still a little smoother than the one he experienced during his most recent run with the promotion though. He was slightly shocked that WWE didn’t actually have a final card for the biggest show of the year until “the week before” each WrestleMania.

Angle was taken aback by the looseness of company planning between 2017-2019; specifically, there didn’t seem to much of a concrete schedule for ‘Mania 35 until days before it went live. That, he says, would never have happened back during his first stint in WWE.


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