WWE: John Cena teams up with Mountain Dew for a new commercial advertisement

WWE: John Cena has teamed up with Mountain Dew for a new commercial to promote their Major Melon flavor.

The beverage company released the thirty-second commercial which will air during the NFL’s Super Bowl LV game between the Chiefs and Buccaneers on Sunday.

The campaign also includes a contest that will give the first person to correctly tweet the exact number of soda bottles in the ad and has a $1 million prize.

“I’ve been a DEW drinker for many years, so I was beyond excited to get the call to be a part of the Mtn Dew Major Melon Super Bowl commercial,” Cena said in the press release issued today by Mountain Dew. “Commercials play an important role during the big game and I have a feeling fans are going to go nuts for this one. The Mtn Dew Major Melon commercial is truly a life changing opportunity for one lucky fan.”

The former WWE Champion spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote the partnership as well as comment on his WrestleMania 37 status. You can watch the entire commercial by clicking on the player below:


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