WWE Latest Rumor Roundup: Becky Lynch is returning to WWE, Bad Bunny Wrestlemania plan, John Cena latest on WWE and many more

Here are some of the latest WWE rumors that are floating around.

5) Backstage Feeling In The WWE Locker Room Right Now

According to @Wrestlevotes, there is a real positive feel in the WWE locker room this year.

Here is what the account Tweeted:

Source said the vibe last night was the most upbeat locker room he’s seen in a long while. This time of year usually does that, but, also went on to say that the “Road to WrestleMania” has real meaning this year, serving as a small light at the end of a dark tunnel.

As a fan, we are definitely more excited for this year than we have been in the past. Maybe it was Edge and Bianca Belair winning that has me in such a good mood?

4) WWE’s Plan For Bad Bunny

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, there is talk in WWE of Bad Bunny appearing at Wrestlemania 37. There is also talk that Bad Bunny could wrestle at the event.

Here is what Johnson wrote:

WWE is currently planning on Bad Bunny being involved at WrestleMania 37 and we have been told by multiple sources that there has even been a pitch for Bad Bunny to potentially wrestle on that show.

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs The Miz and John Morrison? That was teased on the latest episode of RAW. We will have to wait and see.

3) Female Superstar Pulled From The Royal Rumble Match

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Reckoning (aka Mia Yim) was originally supposed to take part in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. This was changed after Mia tested positive for COVID-19.

Meltzer speculated that Shotzi Blackheart or Santana Garrett took her spot in the match:

“It could have been that Shotzi Blackheart or Santana Garrett was a last minute replacement for Mia Yim, because Mia Yim was supposed to be in that match and she tested positive for COVID. Santana Garrett is in the area so I think that, you know one of those two was probably the replacement for Mia Yim.”

This makes sense and we feel bad for Mia. Our guess is that Santana took her spot as she seemed like a random addition to the match.

2) Jey Uso Update

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, Jey Uso was pulled from the Royal Rumble match after not being medically cleared to compete.

Here is what Meltzer wrote:

Jey Uso wasn’t medically cleared for the Rumble.

Sucks to hear as Jey deserved a spot based on the great year that he had. We hope that everything is okay.

1) John Cena’s Status For Wrestlemania 37

John Cena was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated. During this, he shut down the rumors that he will be taking part in Wrestlemania 37.

Here is what Cena said:

“Currently, I’m in Vancouver shooting Peacemaker, the series for HBO Max. Given the quarantine regulations, if I were to leave Canada, upon return I would have to quarantine for another two weeks.

Essentially, that would shut production down. Strictly based on the letter of the law right now, there is no logistical way I can be there. We film now until July.

Obviously, this is wrestling, so we can’t know if Cena is fully telling the truth or not. Based on the way that he laid it out though, it does seem like it will be tough for Cena to take part.


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