WWE News: Cesaro reveals the reason why he didn’t leave the WWE

Cesaro refused to throw the towel in on his WWE career even when things were at their lowest ebb. The Swiss wrestling machine told the New York Post that he has briefly considered leaving the company at several points over the past few years, but always changed his mind in the end.

Interestingly, Cesaro described WWE life as “a good and a bad thing really”. He then went on to say, “I really enjoy entertaining people, and I really enjoy traveling all over the world – that’s what kept me going”. The SmackDown star is also a big believer in hard work paying off, which is admirable.

Instead of bitching and complaining behind the scenes, Cesaro decided to keep his head down, work hard and “knock it out of the park” when an opportunity did arise.

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Things are looking up for him now too – a recent babyface turn has coincided with several success against top stars like Daniel Bryan, and now Cesaro looks to be programmed opposite the returning Seth Rollins.

Those bouts will be sensational, especially if WWE give both men creative freedom and decent time in-ring.


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