WWE News: Cody Rhodes, on Damian Priest: “I feel that I have a great future”

WWE News: Cody Rhodes, on Damian Priest: “I feel that I have a great future”

Damian Priest gained the confidence of the creative team and the fans and nothing more than reaching the main roster of WWE.

The Puerto Rican was not late in conquering the United States Championship before joining The Judgment Day.

The most prominent faction of Monday Night Raw, where he has followed many victories in his history. Currently, he is the bearer of the Money in the Bank wallet.

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In addition to hosting the Unified Pairs Championships alongside Finn Balor. Those titles that will be put into action tonight against.

Two of their main enemies: Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes. The rivalry between both teams comes from far away, with Priest and Rhodes contesting.

An individual match in WWE Crown Jewel. A fight about that was asked by Rhodes in a recent interview with Gabby AF. In the same way.

WWE Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest Latest News:

“The American Nightmare” threw aside the kayfabe to praise a priest, promising a great future for his wardrobe companion. Below we leave with their.

Declarations regarding this, transcription courtesy of Fightful: “Having talked about the fight, I feel that I want to give it credit… Because you have referred.

To him as a molester, and I have love/hate, but I want to give credit to Damian Priest. Not because of what he has done recently. I want to give it credit.

Because I fought. with him in Ring of Honor during the revival that Matt, Nick (The Young Bucks) and we had there, and where Roland (Priest).

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Was also there, and he is now a completely different person”.”For me, this is the sign of a true professional, are you better than what you were today?

The aficionados are not always the most patient, but they are also the most loyal. So, while you are improving, at some moment you can Engage them.

Because you feel that you have a great future. Not only because you have a mallet in your hand, but also because of what you did to Bad Bunny in Backlash.

Because you feel that you have a great future. Front of me, no va a successor. But it is definitely a great asset for WWE”.