WWE News: LA Knight does not consider his voice to be similar to The Rock’s

WWE News: LA Knight does not consider his voice to be similar to The Rock’s

WWE superstar LA Knight was a guest on the Insight podcast, with Chris Van Vliet, and there he talked about his skills on the microphone, the constant.

Comparison to The Rock for his tone of voice and made it clear that for him it is not similar. “Well, what’s really fun is that I connect with the fans.

On the Internet, you know, Twitter can be the worst thing in the world. The number of people I have been compared to and called who I am is staggering.

And every day I will see a new one. And I’ll be as expected, who? That too”. “So yeah, it’s not surprising. But yeah, I mean, just the voice drum might look like it.

I mean, looking at it in 2013, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since then, but sometimes you’d just hear my voice or hear his voice, and it would.

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Be hard to tell who was who. And until the person’s face appears on the screen, you’re like: oh yeah. But I do not know. Otherwise, I don’t consider there.

To be a similarity. It’s just my normal voice. But I don’t think that when I get emotional it looks like it or something like that, I think that, on the contrary.

I lose it at that moment”. Currently, LA Knight is considered one of the best on the microphone within the WWE roster of talent. What’s more, many.

Specialists consider that he has managed to make many fall in love thanks to his segments. Since his debut in 2021, on NXT, and his rapid rise to the.

Main cast has shown that in promos it is difficult for someone to be at his level. Now, LA Knight will face his toughest challenge since he landed.

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In the ranks of SmackDown. In WWE Royal Rumble 2023 he will face Bray Wyatt in a Pitch Black match, which marks one of the most anticipated matches by the company’s fan universe.