WWE News: Logan Paul to end his contract with WWE after WrestleMania 39

WWE News: Logan Paul to end his contract with WWE after WrestleMania 39

Loved and hated by many, Logan Paul has earned the privilege of being one of the celebrities most committed to his role in WWE. The influencer and.

Businessman made his debut between the ropes in 2020 during WrestleMania, earning several media matches against stars such as The Miz.

And Roman Reigns. WWE fans will remember that June 30, 2022 when Logan Paul signed a contract with WWE. Despite the fact that in principle.

The possibility of a multi-year agreement with multiple appearances per year previously scheduled was mentioned, the influencer’s latest statements.

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Opened up the possibility of getting closer to the end of his relationship with WWE during the course of the year. Through his IMPAULSIVE podcast.

The influencer revealed that he is very close to closing his commitments with WWE. “My contract ends this WrestleMania.

My rookie year is about to end. It’s been a good rookie year.” Logan Paul will face Seth Rollins on the first day of The Showcase of Immortals.

Coinciding with his birthday and being one of the few confrontations that keep his day previously scheduled.There is always the possibility that the.

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Competitor will renew his agreement in the next few days. Curiously, Logan Paul’s teammates joked about the case of Lele Pons and his false.

Twenty million deal from WWE. “They (WWE) themselves approached me and warned me that.

They did not offer Lele Pons twenty million. For my part I already knew that, but I did not think anyone would take it seriously.”