WWE News On Vince McMahon: Concern in WWE about the role of Vince McMahon in the creative team

WWE News On Vince McMahon: Concern in WWE about the role of Vince McMahon in the creative team

We are not approaching WrestleMania 39, one of the most interesting days in terms of work behind the scenes of WWE. For the first time in the event’s history.

The leadership of the Gorilla Position will not be occupied by Vince McMahon, who chose to disassociate himself from these obligations and relegate.

Them to the team led by Triple H. With the return of Vince McMahon to the leadership of the WWE board of directors in January, suspicions of a possible.

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“Recovery” within the creative department raised alarm bells from workers and fans. The role that Vince could take on the board of directors and a possible.

Goal of “gaining creative power” would have been reflected in a series of insecurities that various talents expressed anonymously to the.

specialized media. The Fightful Select news portal stated that it had received information from WWE workers regarding certain aspects of creative.

Management that began to cause discomfort around them. The last few shows of RAW and SmackDown had several rewrites on the.

WWE Vince McMahon Latest News: 

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Same day they were broadcast, something unusual under the Triple H regime. On the other hand, the indication of certain changes in some characters.

Caused an impact on morale behind the scenes. Fightful revealed that they have been in constant communication with their sources within WWE.

To find out the status of Vince McMahon, to the point that they managed to notice his surprise appearance on the RAW episode in Boston.

The authority took a seat in the Gorilla Position and saw all the talent going in and out of the scene, a fact that was described as uncomfortable by.

The workers. The news portal also noted that WWE maintains a sign that says Vince’s Office among its props, but that it has not been used for.

Almost a year and corresponds to a backstage sector that was not remodeled after McMahon’s departure. WWE’s response to Vince McMahon’s.

Role on the creative team remains strong. The company assures that they are aware of the great blow that the businessman’s return to his old role.

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Would mean, and they clarified that there is no type of “invisible hand” managing the programs beyond Triple H. Hope remains among the talents.

When mentioning aspects such as the lack of constant rematches on televised shows, and the use of superstars that Vince did not like.