WWE News: The Rock speaks about every injury which he occurred in his wrestling career

The Rock is one of the biggest wrestling stars in not just the history of WWE, but in the history of the business.

The former WWE Champion The Rock took to Instagram to write a post about every injury he has suffered throughout his career. He also shared the various surgeries he has undergone. He wrote the following:

“Even though I look like a wounded, passed out drunk buffalo 🦬 laying face down in prairies – can’t tell ya how grateful I am for these quiet healing/recovery moments.

After the fun pain of/

4 knee surgeries

Torn quadricep off my pelvis

Torn adductor off my pelvis

Triple hernia surgery

Ruptured Achilles’ tendon

Completely shoulder reconstruction

3 low back disc herniations

2 low back disc ruptures

It’s the daily reminder that we only have one body and we gotta take care of it…”

The second episode of his “Young Rock” aired this past Tuesday night on NBC. The show had a strong premiere with over 5 million viewers while the second show had the expected drop as it did a little over 3 million viewers.


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