WWE News: WWE Superstars are outraged by the situation with autograph hunters

WWE News: WWE Superstars are outraged by the situation with autograph hunters

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the so-called “autograph hunters”, fans (and not so fans) who are dedicated to obtaining signatures.

From wrestlers and then selling them. A business that the true protagonists of the business and the companies are aware of, which is why.

They have already begun to take measures in this regard, as we already saw in the recent case of Rey Mysterio. However, these scenes are increasingly normal.

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Especially at airports, where “autograph hunters” approach wrestlers so they can sign their signatures on a multitude of posters, postcards or figures.

A topic that has been trending in recent hours after a video went viral on social networks. In it, we see a group of people surrounding Asuka.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Latest News:

In one of the terminals at the Evansville airport, a city where a new episode of Friday Night SmackDown will be held tonight.

While the Japanese woman was signing the countless objects that were placed in front of her, other “hunters” arrived at the place to wait for her turn.

The video reached many of her colleagues in WWE, who were quick to express their discomfort over a situation that affects everyone, regardless of the promotion to which they belong.

“This is fucking disrespectful.” (Rhea Ripley)

“I’m serious, the people who do this don’t care. They will do it and then they will teach their children to do it, and so on until the end of time.” (Ricochet)

Like them, there are many more talents who do not want to promote this type of business, since many of these “autograph hunters” are not true.

Fans of wrestling or the fighter in particular. Furthermore, the mission of these people prevents talent from focusing on true fans who simply seek the signature of their idols to treasure.