WWE News: WWE wants to work with rapper Cardi B Following Bad Bunny’s current involvement in WWE

In a week where the wrestling world has been abuzz with chat about Bad Bunny, and Bow Wow has opened up about wanting to become a WWE Superstar, the company has confirmed that they’re keen to work with Cardi B – just weeks after the Grammy Award winner and Triple-Platinum artist was tweeting about RAW.

Speaking with Forbes’ Alfred Konuwa, WWE’s Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan opened up about the company’s desire to work with Cardi B.

“Yes, and specifically the two that you just mentioned (Bad Bunny and Cardi B). Obviously, there is no touring right now, so the ability to get Bad Bunny for however long this run is going to be—and you’re gonna see a lot of him—I don’t believe that would have existed in a world where Bad Bunny was on tour. That’s going to be a continual effort, so we’re always going to watch Bad Bunny, Cardi B to get involved.”

Khan also went on to discuss why WWE is taking the opportunity to work – or try to work – with the talents in question.

“It made it a touch easier to get a deal done this time because they weren’t—over the course of however long the deal is—is not in 25 different cities during that time. The bulk of concert money is made in the summertime. It doesn’t appear as if there are going to be big tours during the summer, even we’re all hopeful, so we’ll see what other folks we’re talking to and who you’ll see in the mix.”

While there has been no official news surrounding WWE and Cardi B, the company has referenced the Grammy winner on social media across several platforms.


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