WWE News: WWE would look for another approach in its 2023 Premium Live Event

WWE News: WWE would look for another approach in its 2023 Premium Live Event

In the last hours, the news portals echoed the possible cancellation of DAY 1, the Premium Live Event with which WWE had planned to open.

Its calendar of dates for 2023. The show is still scheduled for January 1 in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, and his suspension could be communicated.

In the next few hours. Despite not having provided a justification for this move, the latest reports from backstage have hinted at a possible unprecedented.

Approach to the company’s most important shows. In the “Super Followers” section of his Twitter account, Bryan Alvarez pointed out.

That WWE plans a new dynamic for its Premium Live Events that will begin to be reflected next year. WWE’s first idea is to remove thematic.

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Shows from its poster, such as Extreme Rules, Hell in a Cell and TLC. The existence of these kinds of events has always been a debate by fans.

Many affirm that this class of stipulations should be treated in a more “surprising” way instead of occupying a punctual position a year.

This movement is curious if we consider that Extreme Rules 2022 resulted in a Premium Live Event with good reviews from the press and fans.

WWE will work on more international shows

On the other hand, the company would begin to bet heavily on events outside the United States. In recent years, WWE has opted for holding very.

Specific PLEs in Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Their last foray was with Clash at the Castle in September.

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Which resulted in huge commercial success for the company. It is possible that this show has motivated the new management to handle more big shows abroad.