WWE News: Xavier Woods suffered a cervical strain in the last show of WWE Raw

WWE News: Xavier Woods suffered a cervical strain in the last show of WWE Raw

During the last episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Xavier Woods was accidentally hit by a chair thrown by Drew McIntyre. The New Day member was taken.

To the venue’s infirmary, where he was treated for the remainder of the show. Today, the company has offered new details about.

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The status of the fighter. “BREAKING: Xavier Woods suffered a cervical strain after being hit by a chair thrown by Drew McIntyre.

He will miss the next Monday Night Raw show.” It should be remembered that The New Day and The Viking Raiders played an intense match in pairs.

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle watched the action from the announce table, with Matt taking notes on his upcoming opponents.

However, at one point, Ivar threw Kofi Kingston against Riddle and McIntyre, causing the Scotsman to react. Drew tossed the chairs.

He and his partner had been sitting on. One of them ended up inside the ring, while the other was thrown at Erik. However, he dodged it at the last moment.

WWE Xavier Woods Latest News:

Causing the chair to hit Xavier Woods squarely in the face, who fell to the ground. The Viking Raiders took advantage of the situation to beat Kingston.

After the match was over, Drew and Matt went over to check on Woods, who was still unable to move as he put his hands behind his head.

Later, McIntyre and Riddle returned to show their concern for Xavier, who was still being treated by doctors. Kofi informed them that he was better.

Although he was still being checked. Drew and Matt assured her that it had been an unfortunate accident. Kofi pointed out that nothing was wrong and.

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McIntyre promised that he would get revenge on Erik and Ivar in the next episode of the red mark. An episode in which Woods will not be present.

Which could indicate that we are, quite likely, facing a kayfabe injury. In this sense, it is possible that the fighter has other commitments to attend.

To that night or that WWE is preparing a rivalry that ends up facing The New Day against Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle. Next Monday we could clear up doubts.