WWE: Nia Jax’s recent “My Hole” catchphrase can become all time favourite like Steve Austin’s “3:16”, Check out video

After missing the target with a leg drop, Nia Jax writhed in pain screaming “My Hole!” before crashing through a table on RAW.

Trending again, Jax went viral overnight on Twitter and the footage was shared thousands of times. The ‘Irresistible Force’ suffered the injury during her match against Lana, the spot leading to ‘The Ravishing Russian’ capitalising and pushing Nia through a table to win the match.

You can see the moment the match took a turn on the highlight below. (skip to 2 min 10sec to watch the “action” unfold).

Jax had dominated the entire match until then, but it was Lana (who had previously been Samoan-Dropped through TEN tables by Nia at the tail-end of 2020) who had the last laugh.

The clip caught the attention of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. Mick hilariously tweeted that the “MY HOLE” shout could be the new “Austin 3:16” for a new generation and insisted that WWE should release a t-shit.

The win for Lana was also noticed by her real life husband and AEW star Miro, who tweeted that “Nia finally got the push she deserved”, praising his wife for the win.

Would a “My Hole!” t-shirt sell if WWE released it? Will Nia let the WWE Universe know the condition of her “hole” after the injury? We – of course – all wait with bated breath.


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