WWE NXT 2.0 Result & Highlight: NXT 2.0 Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 02nd August 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Result & Highlight: NXT 2.0 Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 02nd August 2022

USA Network will air today, August 2, a new episode of WWE NXT 2.0, with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett at the commentary table, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

FL.The show has several points of interest, such as the fight between The Creed Brothers and D’Angelo Family with the NXT Tag Team Championships at stake.

The fight between Mandy Rose and Sarray and the fatal 4-way match to crown to the new Women’s Champions in pairs of the multicolored brand.

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne (Toxic Attraction) vs. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon

Tatum and Carter begin the contest. Jacy springs into action after taking over from Kayden and Toxic Attraction controls the match.

But Paxley manages to take over from Ivy, who gives Dolin and Jayne a good account before Yulisa and Valentina have their chance to participate in the fight.

Carter and Katana confront Paxley and Nile outside the ring, a moment that Yulisa takes advantage of to launch Valentina on her rivals, to later launch herself.

Leon and Feroz dominate a small phase of the fight, but end up being eliminated by Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. There are three teams left in the ring.

Gigi tries to surprise Ivy with a roll-up, but she escapes from the count of three. Turn for Katana and Paxley.

She takes over from her partner, who throws herself at her rival, and with a flying kick sends her against the cornerback. Ivy looks for the count of three,

But it stays at two. A perfect combination between Carter and Chance leaves Paxley defenseless, a moment that Jayne takes advantage of to hit.

Kayden and cover Tatum herself. Nile and Paxley are eliminated. Carter and Chance punish Gigi, but she manages to take.

Over from her partner. Carter is expelled from the ring and Toxic Attraction look for the count of three. However, Carter quickly returns.

After an exchange of blows, the four fighters are lying on the canvas. Carter and Katana look for their finisher, on Jayne, but Gigi avoids it from ringside.

Katana throws herself at her rival and returns to the ring, where now they manage to apply her 450 splash / neckbreaker combination on Jayne.

Winners and NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

The Schism interrupts a backstage interview with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen. Joe Gacy addresses Jensen.

Pointing out that he is a second generation superstar. That is why her father should be proud of him. However, Gacy notes that the same.

Cannot be said for Cameron Grimes, adding that he needs a father figure to guide him. Jensen then decides to challenge Gacy to a match tonight.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams appear before the NXT public. Trick points out that today is Hayes’s birthday, and the champion points out that he is going to celebrate.

It by giving the first fighter who steps into the ring a shot at his North American Championship. And the first to do it is Giovanni Vinci.

However, the Italian wastes too much time with his trademark entrance, allowing Nathan Frazer to rush in and get to the ring before him.

Match for the NXT North American Championship

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Nathan Fraser

Very dynamic combat, with alternatives for both contenders. In the final moments, Frazer tried to execute a 450 splash on Carmelo, but Carmelo avoided.

It, although he could not do anything with a superkick that almost finished with the loss of him. At that point, the champion decided to walk out of the ring.

But Frazer was unwilling to stop his offense. Hayes ended up being thrown by his rival on the commentary table, where Vinci was.

Enraged, the Italian took action on the matter. As Frazer climbed the corner to launch himself at his rival, Williams distracted the referee.

A moment that Giovanni took advantage of to push Nathan, who fell on the ring. There, he was easy prey for Hayes and his Mello Don’t Miss.

Winner and STILL CHAMPION: Carmelo Hayes

Wade Barrett features an encounter between Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh before their match at Heatwave.

The ring is surrounded by various members of security. JD points out that he’s never been in a ring with someone like Bron.

Whom he describes as a fearless and relentless fighter, which he finds exhilarating. He adds that, when he looks at it, he sees a map with points.

Where to cause him pain. He ends by indicating that in NXT Heatwave he will become the new maximum Champion of the brand.

Bron points out that JD is one of the smartest superstars he has ever met. He recognizes that.

His opponent’s speed and technique can be a challenge, but in the end it won’t do him any good when he breaks him in half.

Breakker adds that when his title is at stake, he turns into an animal. That is why he is glad that JD likes pain so much, since in Heatwave she will definitely feel it.

“It’s business time,” says Barrett, before putting the contract on the table. JD refuses to sign the first, even though she acknowledges.

That tradition dictates that the challenger be the one to sign his signature first. However, he points out that he sees fear in Breakker.

Believes that Breakker might not sign later. Bron decides to get into his opponent’s game and agrees to sign first. Once done, it’s McDonagh’s turn.

The Irishman points out that the segment will not end with violence (as is usual in these cases). Saying this, he decides to cut his hand with a pen and sign in blood. Bron can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Immediately afterwards, JD gets up and approaches the champion. The challenger shakes his hand, but Breakker responds by raising the title.

Apollo Crews meets The Creed Brothers backstage. Crews confesses to them that he is a great fan of his work, to which they respond in the same way.

However, before leaving, Apollo warns them to be careful, as all is not what it seems. At that moment Damon Kemp arrives, wishing Brutus and Julius Creed luck.

Before their title match tonight. They ask about Roderick Strong, to which Kemp tells them that he will be late, but that he will be there.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are on the verge of a nervous breakdown after their loss tonight. Mandy Rose tries to calm.

Them down, but her classmates are inconsolable. At that moment, her entrance theme sounds. It’s time to get into action.

Mandy Rose vs. Saray

Sarray takes control of the fight in the early stages. The Japanese manages to expel her rival from the ring, but from that position.

Mandy uses the ring ropes to reverse the situation. Rose continues to punish her in the corner, but Sarray refuses to lose. Angry, Mandy hits her on the canvas.

Before the Japanese reacts. She dropped a Dropkick off the second rope followed by a Fisherman’s Suplex, and Sarray went for the count of three.

However, she stays in two. Sarray lunges at Rose in the corner, but the champion counters with a spinebuster, followed by a bicycle knee for a count of three.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match, Mandy goes straight to Zoey Stark, her rival in NXT Heatwave. Rose wants to make a declaration of intent.

And to do so she attacks Sarray with a chair, but Stark quickly arrives to help the Japanese, making the champion flee.

A video is shown where we see the training of Tiffany Stratton as a gymnast. The fighter points out that it is not her fault to have been born as a sports star. In addition.

She assures that she trains very hard to achieve her goals. Lastly, it focuses on Wendy Choo, who is obsessed with her. But she doesn’t care, because she will defeat.

Her again the next time they meet in a ring. Meanwhile, her training concludes. “It’s time to go shopping,” Stratton notes before leaving.

AXIOM is interviewed backstage. Duke Hudson interrupts him before beginning to taunt him. AXIOM assures him that she is not afraid of him.

Hudson responds with a tremendous slap and they both start a fight that takes them to ringside. Hudson charges him and slams him into the apron.

Already on the ring, he continues to punish the Spanish. Before leaving, Hudson seizes a microphone. “That’s why you don’t have to believe in heroes:

They always let you down,” says Duke before throwing the microphone into the ring. AXIOM picks it up and challenges the heel to an official match right now.

AXIOM vs. duke hudson

Hudson begins by expelling AXIOM from the ring with a kick, but AXIOM reacts by attacking Duke’s.

Leg with a series of accurate blows, like a springboard dropkick. AXIOM launches for his rival in the corner.

But he intercepts it with a uranage. Hudson regains control of the match and attacks AXIOM with a series of elbowdrops and a kneedrop.

Despite a new counterattack attempt by the Spaniard, he is finally caught by his rival, who is about to execute a Razor’s Edge. But AXIOM manages to reverse.

It into a hurricanrana that launches Hudson against the cornerback. The fight ends with a roll-up of the Spanish to add a new victory.

Winner: AXIOM

Wes Lee is interviewed backstage. He points out that Trick Williams not only deprived him of victory last week.

But has also mocked a real boxer like Muhammed Ali. Lee ends by warning his rival that the bell is about to ring.

Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships

The Creed Brothers (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo (D’Angelo Family)

Julius and Tony begin the fight. Creed dominates with keys, before Angelo takes over from his partner.

Who is unable to reverse the situation. Angelo walks back in. Tony blows Julius away, changing the sign of the fight. Back from publicity, we see “Stacks”

Punishing Julius’s leg, who finally manages to take over from Brutus. He throws his rival into the air. However, the Family takes control again.

Focusing their attacks on the champion’s arm. I take over for Julius, who applies multiple suplexes to Tony before they both hit each other.

Julius looks for relief, but “Stacks” avoids him from ringside. With the referee distracted, Elektra Lopez passes a lever to Tony.

But he can’t get hold of it, since Santos Escobar won’t let him. The Mexican hits D’Angelo, while Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro prevent “Stacks”

From entering the ring. The Creed Brothers execute their Rolling Spinebuster + Big Clothesline combination on D’Angelo to put an end to the contest.

Winners and STILL CHAMPIONS: The Creed Brothers. Roxanne Perez remembers her short stay in NXT.

How this has been a real roller coaster. She points out that what Cora did to her is unforgivable, although what she has been most upset.

About is that her ex-friend threw her Championship in the trash. Fully determined, Roxanne challenges her to a match at NXT Heatwave.

Cora is interviewed backstage, where she refuses to accept Perez’s challenge. Mandy interrupts the interview, offering Jade a deal.

If she makes Zoey Stark unable to wrestle at NXT Heatwave, she will then automatically become her new title challenger, as she was last eliminated.

The Battle Royal two weeks ago. Cora replies that she will think about it. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are excited about their win today.

Carter points out that they have made many sacrifices to get here, while Katana assures them that they should never give up.

Jensen Brooks vs. Joe Gacy

Brooks begins by dominating the match. Gacy’s DDT, which turns the tables in his favor.

Joe hits his rival with a running punch. Brooks reacts. Meanwhile, at ringside, The Schism distract Briggs and Fallon Henley.

At that moment, Pretty Deadly enter the ring, ready to attack Brooks, but he gets rid of them, only to be left unprotected before Gacy’s big clothesline.

Winner: Joe Gacy

After the fight, Gacy addresses Cameron Grimes again. “I can see the emptiness in your soul,” Joe notes before reminding her that he’s still waiting for her to join him. Grimes.

Who is watching the scene backstage, decides to leave the place. Tony D’Angelo is furious about what happened in his fight. At that moment.

He receives a call from Santos Escobar, who reminds him that he almost ended his career. Tony challenges him to one last fight, the final one.

Which will end this rivalry. It will be a fight where the rest of their families will have no place. “Just you and me,” indicates the NXT Don. Escobar agrees.

Alba Fyre vs. lash legend

Lash takes advantage of her physique to begin controlling the fight, first with a big kick to Fyre’s face.

Then punishing her on the ropes. Legend suplex. Alba tries to react. She goes up to the corner. Legend tries to foil her plans, but ends up on the canvas.

Fyre jumps on Lash, but she dodges it. Legend takes down Fyre’s bat, only to receive a superkick. Senton de Fyre to end the contest.

Winner: Alba Fyre

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes are in the parking lot, where a girl asks them for help with her car, since it doesn’t seem to work. Trick gladly agrees to help her.

Nikkita Lyons responds to the investigation launched by Kiana James last week. Lyons says that she is proud of who she is and where she comes from.

She is not going to let anyone tell her what she should be like or where she should fit in. With that said, she challenges her to a match next week.

Several matches are announced for next week:

Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark

Trick Williams vs. Wes Lee (Rounds Match)

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner

He only begins by dominating the fight, which quickly goes to ringside.

Wagner reacts and throws his opponent against the metal stairs. He then introduces them into the ring, adding several chairs to the mix.

With one of them he severely punishes his rival, focusing primarily on his back. He then places two of them in front of each other.

Before launching his opponent on top of them. However, the subsequent account of the referee remains in two. The fight returns to ringside.

Where Von prepares the commentators table to throw his rival on it. However, it is he who ends up on her. The fight now takes them to the parking lot.

Where Carmelo Hayes is involved. Wagner picks Sikoa up and throws him into a dumpster, but manages to get out to continue the fight.

Sikoa regains the advantage and hits Wagner against a blind.Backstage, they hit Grimes. Wagner tries to hit Sikoa with another chair.

But Sikoa fights back with a fire extinguisher. Both finally return to the ring, where Sikoa takes revenge, mercilessly punishing his rival

With a chair he just slams Wagner on the metal stairs. Count of two. Sikoa climbs to the top rope, but Mr. Stone distracts him long enough.

Wagner to recover and avoid Solo’s attack. The fight moves once again to ringside. Two superkicks on Wagner send him over the commentators table.

Just go up to the corner, from where he launches without fear. The table is destroyed, as is Wagner, who cannot avoid the count of three.

Winner: Solo Sikoa