WWE NXT UK Result & Highlight: Result 27th May 2021| Check Full Details

WWE NXT UK Result & Highlight: Result 27th May 2021| Check Full Details. 

WWE NXT UK Result: The intro is followed by the obligatory welcome from NXT UK commentators Andy Shepherd &  Nigel McGuinness.

1. Match
Nathan Frazer defeated Sha Samuels (w / Noam Dar) after a frog splash – during the match Noam Dar was sent to the backstage area by the referee

Video: Two weeks ago Dani Luna met Jinny & Joseph Conners in the backstage area. They both make fun of Luna by applauding. Flash Morgan Webster showed up and drove them off.

Video: Joseph Conners & Jinny make it clear that subcultures are better off not messing with the wrong ones as they are on a completely different level.

Backstage: Noam Dar is very upset because he was banned from the ring in the opening match. He would like to vent his anger on Ilya Dragunov in the next week.

2. Match
Teoman defeated Ashton Smith via task in the crossface.

After the match: Teoman uses the crossface again until Oliver Carter storms to the ring and helps his tag team partner. Teoman withdraws.

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Backstage: Ilya Dragunov questioned about his match against Noam Dar in the next week. Dragunov mentions the provocations and that he therefore has to use force against Dar.

Earlier Today Video: Jack Starz argues with Pretty Deadly. This created a challenge. However, Jack Starz still has to find a tag team partner.

Backstage: Kenny Williams shines in a new look.

3. Match
Kenny Williams defeated Andy Wild after a faceplant.

The next video gets you in the mood for the NXT UK Women’s Championship match between Kay Lee Ray (c) and Meiko Satomura. The argument will take place in two weeks.

Confirmed for next week’s WWE NXT UK: Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey. A video report of the match follows.

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4. Match
Trent Seven defeated Sam Gradwell after Burning Hammer

The show ends with the triumphant Trent Seven.


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