WWE RAW: 16 years in making, Bobby Lashley wins his first WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley is your new WWE Champion, having defeated The Miz on last night’s episode of Raw.

The Hurt Business man’s grand triumph was a cathartic moment to end a night of frustration. Miz had attempted to avoid wrestling Lashley throughout the entire show, pulling out of a scheduled 9pm meeting after claiming stomach cramps, then fleeing a second attempt at the bout, losing via countout.

Shane McMahon then forced Miz into facing Lashley in the main event, saying he’d be stripped of the gold if he didn’t compete. A three-minute lumberjack match followed, with Miz attempting to escape several times, only to get thwarted by the gathered masses around the ring.

Lashley finally got hold of the slippery WWE Champion, downing him with a Spinebuster. The Hurt Lock ended Miz’s night and saw Bobby take the company’s top prize for the first time since debuting in 2005.

Miz’s second WWE Championship reign ended at just eight days. He had taken the belt from Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber 2021, striking a deal with Lashley to soften the Scot up before cashing in the Money in the Bank contract. That deal came back to haunt him last night.

Though he inflicted further punishment on Miz after the bell, Raw closed on a celebratory tone for Lashley and his Hurt Business cohorts. Congratulations to the big man for finally grabbing the WWE Title.


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