WWE Raw: Dexter Lumis gets a contract with WWE on RAW

WWE Raw: Dexter Lumis gets a contract with WWE on RAW

During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts through the USA Network, superstar Dexter Lumis managed to defeat The Miz without disqualification to win.

A contract with WWE and pay off his monetary debt.This was the fourth meeting of the day on Monday in Norfolk, Virginia. Despite avoiding this.

Crossover for several weeks, “The Awesome” ended up falling into the hands of his rival after pressure from officer Adam Pearce.

Miz tried to avoid his opponent’s cheating, but the “anything goes” rule allowed “The Freak” to throw his opponent onto a table in the audience.

Dexter found himself at a disadvantage after his opponent tossed him into an open corner. However, “The Awesome” was quickly thrown to the side.

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Before receiving the Jacket and allowing “The Freak” a submission win. After signing his contract with WWE, Dexter Lumis decided to spread.

His money to the fans in the front rows. Miz tried to steal the bag of tickets, but Johnny Gargano stopped him with a Superkick to celebrate with Lumis.

Dexter Lumis has feuded with The Miz since the August 8 episode of WWE RAW. “The Freak” broke into the matches of “The Awesome” to the point.

kidnapping him and injuring his partner Tommaso Ciampa. However, Johnny Gargano revealed that this was all an agreement between.

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Both parties to improve Miz’s image. Lumis took their rivalry to a more personal point after “The A-Lister” did not pay for his services to the wrestler.