WWE RAW Highlights: Edge wrestled on Monday Night RAW for the first time in ten years, check out

WWE Raw Highlights: Following his monumental Royal Rumble win, Edge wrestled on Monday Night RAW for the first time in ten years – taking on Randy Orton in the main event!

Edge and Randy Orton would continue a rivalry that’s spanned from the Royal Rumble 2020, through WrestleMania, Backlash and the Royal Rumble 2021 – and several episode of RAW in between – by clashing to close out the show.

After a vicious, hellatious, brutal – but balanced – match, Orton would seemingly gain the upper hand through nefarious means, but while setting up for the RKO, the lullaby Rock-A-Bye-Baby would play, before Alexa Bliss appeared on the turnnbuckle behind him with what looked like blood pouring from her mouth. Edge would hit the Spear and pin Orton in the middle of the ring.

Edge’s last match on RAW was a tag team match on the 28th of March 2011 against Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay, as the Rated-R Superstar teamed with Christian. Meanwhile, his last singles match was over ten years ago – on January 31st 2011 – vs The Miz.

Edge would both open and close RAW, firing a warning shot off to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre about the target on the Scotsman’s back – or around his waist – before competing against long-term rival Randy Orton, whom he started and ended the Royal Rumble Match with as the pair entered at numbers one and two before being the final two men left standing.

The Rated-R Superstar would also seemingly strap the rocket to Damian Priest, shaking the Archer of Infamy’s hand backstage while making his way to the ring.


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