WWE RAW Preview: Massive Gauntlet match announced for this week’s RAW

WWE announced a massive Gauntlet match for Monday’s episode of Raw on last night’s SmackDown.

All six participants in the WWE Title bout at Elimination Chamber will meet in the main event to determine exactly who enters the cage last. Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Miz, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and reigning champ Drew McIntyre will all be in action.

WWE didn’t specify who would be the first two men in the Gauntlet, but don’t be shocked if McIntyre is one of them; this is an easy way for the company to sell the Scotsman’s bravery and literally make him run the Gauntlet.

A heel is most likely to come out on top so they have the kayfabe edge come 21 February though.

Maybe Omos will help AJ Styles out like he did for a while at Royal Rumble, or maybe The Miz will sneak his way to the final spot. This is tailor-made for a show-closing visual of Drew looking angry, a villain looking pleased and the announcers crowing about how the odds are stacked against McIntyre.

The Gauntlet should be fun regardless of outcome.


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