WWE Raw: Triple H advises Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW

WWE Raw: Triple H advises Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW

During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts through the USA Network, Superstar Cody Rhodes received a warning from Triple H on the way to.

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Night of Champions 2023. After receiving two attacks from Brock Lesnar that left his arm damaged, The American Nightmare locked himself in the.

Locker room to avoid any type of medical examination that would prevent him from competing this Saturday in Saudi Arabia. Given the abrupt.

Decision of the fighter, The King of Kings decided to take action on the matter and speak directly with Cody Rhodes. No one doubts your resilience.

Triple H and Cody Rhodes Latest News:

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But you should remember how hard it was for you to lose a year of your life and career after what happened to you in Hell in a Cell.” Cody Rhodes interrupted

The talent manager, stating that it would be cowardly of him to show up next Monday after missing a match against The Beast Incarnate. “Of all the people.

Who could give me a warning, you are the one who should understand it the most. Think of what you would have done, and you know very well.

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Thhat you would fight for something like that too.” While he finished packing with his only healthy arm, Cody Rhodes only received.

A slap from Triple H on the shoulders that made him seriously reflect in the last seconds of the episode.

Again, we remember that The American Nightmare is still scheduled to face Brock Lesnar on May 27 in Jeddah.