WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Edge wins 2021 Royal Rumble, his second royal rumble victory

WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Edge won the titular men’s match at WWE Royal Rumble 2021, eliminating Randy Orton last to punch his WrestleMania 37 ticket.

‘The Rated R Superstar’ entered the match at number one and fought with Orton early. As a result of this, ‘The Viper’ ended up being taken to the back for the vast majority of the bout, selling an after being blasted on the announce table. This left his spectre hanging over a match that saw the returns of a jacked Carlito, Kane, The Hurricane, and Christian, who took bumps and ran through signature spots as if they were nothing.

Orton as the asterisk on the Edge/Christian/Rollins/Braun Strowman final four. Braun was eliminated at the same time as Christian, with Rollins bundling both men out while Edge had Strowman trapped against the ropes. Randy then re-emerged to sting Edge with an RKO after Edge had eliminated Seth. He didn’t come out to win, but to terrify the fans at the very last second, as Edge swerved the viewers and launched Randy out of the ring, scoring his title shot.

This was Edge’s second Royal Rumble win, having won the 2010 event.


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