WWE Smackdown Result & Highlight: Friday Night SmackDown Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 25th August 2023

WWE Smackdown Result & Highlight: Friday Night SmackDown Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 25th August 2023

Tonight we will enjoy a new live follow-up of Friday Night SmackDown that will be broadcast from the KFC Yum! Center.

In Louisville, Kentucky. You can follow all the results of the episode by updating this same news.

Summary WWE SmackDown August 25, 2023

Rey Mysterio defeated Grayson Waller.

IYO Sky defeated Zelina Vega.

The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) defeated the Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch) in a Terry Funk Hardcore Tag-Team match.

LA Knight defeated Finn Bálor.

Follow-up LIVE WWE SmackDown August 25, 2023

Transmission in tribute to Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt). Michael Cole announces to the public that tonight we will honor the.

Lives of the aforementioned deceased. With Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan in front, and before an audience that lights up the venue.

All WWE superstars are present for the ten bells. We watch a video reviewing Bray Wyatt’s career in WWE. Following this video, the stadium lights.

Go out, save for one pointing directly at Wyatt’s signature chair. We look at the messages that names like Sylvester Stalone, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley.

And others left WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk. Announced Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Theory for the United States Championship, and Cody Rhodes as a guest of The Grayson Waller Effect at WWE Payback.

Rey Mysterio vs. Grayson Waller

The two exchange neck locks. Rey escapes from a padlock and applies several blows to the head. He prepares for 619, but Waller throws him to ringside.

Mysterio manages to escape a Dive and connects a Hurracarana before the commercial break: Waller regains the advantage and throws.

Himself at his opponent from the second rope. The masked man responds with punches to the stomach before sending him to the corner.

Rey takes advantage with his classic offense and leaves his opponent on the canvas with a DDT. Mysterio reverses a Firemans Carry and.

Sets up his opponent between the ropes. Austin Theory approaches the ring! Santos Escobar throws himself at him and Mysterio attacks him with a kick.

He manages to recover from the Clothesline to prepare his rival again. 619 and Springboard for the win.
Winner: Rey Mysterio on a count of three

“Hey… you wanna see something really scary?” Wyatt’s voice says to the on-screen audience.

We review several messages sent by WWE superstars to Bray Wyatt on social networks. Tonight’s main event will have LA Knight, Wyatt’s last opponent.

Against Finn Bálor, The Fiend’s first rival. Throughout the night, we watch brief videos of the high points in Bray Wyatt’s WWE career.

Each footage is accompanied by a QR code, which leads to the full versions of the different moments.

WWE Women’s Championship
IYO Sky vs. zelina vega

The champion escapes from a key with several somersaults before launching her opponent towards the string. She manages to catch her in a Crossface.

But Vega responds with knees and takes advantage of her momentum to reverse. IYO falls to the corner and receives a Clothesline and DDT.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Latest News:

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Zelina goes for the Meteora from the third rope, but she fails to count three. The holder responds with a Dropkick and resists an attack for.

Her Powerbomb. Zelina responds with a bombshell that takes them both out of the ring, where Sky throws her towards the steel steps.

Knees and Moonsault for the win.
Winner and still champion: IYO Sky on account of three

Cody Rhodes comes on stage. “11 years ago I was traveling on an airplane with my father, and a guy yelled one of the strangest insults I’ve ever heard:

‘egg-sucking dog’. We thought there would be an incident that night, but whoever said that insult was Terry Funk”. Cody remembers Funk as.

A Cowboy, being a merit that places him even higher than a legend. He not only talks about his more than five decades of active career, but also.

Considers him “the protagonist of a revolution within wrestling.” We watch a short video reviewing Terry Funk’s career. “From Texas to Tokyo.

Terry has taken his talent to the extreme. And tonight, we get to see something like that in his honor.” Cody Rhodes announces the next match as a “Hardcore Tag-Team match”.

Terry Funk Hardcore Tag-Team match
Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)

The action splits up quickly. Montez gets the better of Butch while Angelo struggles with Ridge. The Bruiserweight looks for a leg lock.

But Angelo makes the save. Holland goes for a Headlock Swing, but Dawkins stops him. Street Profits get the upper hand, but are quickly stopped.

The four men are lying at ringside while Bobby Lashley makes his entrance.
We return from the pause with blows to the chest for both allies.

To Street Profits. Ridge prepares Montez for a Butch Powerbomb. Dawkins gets the latter out of the way and they both connect an assisted Elevated Suplex.

Butch saves his partner after From The Heavens and looks for a table under the ring. Lashley attacks Butch with a Spear and allows the Blockbuster to Holland on the table. 1…2…3…

Winners: Street Profits on the count of three

We remember Akira Tozawa’s recent victory over The Miz, thanks to the assistance of LA Knight. Before the cameras of TMZ Sports.

Miz declares that his rival is just “a fad that will never reach the caliber of WrestleMania.”

LA Knight enters the ring. “I’ll talk to Miz in a second, but first I want to talk about Bray Wyatt. Tonight I saw all of you playing fireflies, and I understood.

That sometimes your biggest enemies can be great help.” Knight expresses his respect to Wyatt for setting him up, and ensures that the.

Public is channeling his spirit. “I won’t pretend we were friends, but I will join you in saying Thank You Bray.” Returning to The Miz, LA Knight assures.

That he is tired of giving voice to someone who has always been behind the important ones, and promises that he will find him wherever he wants to see him. “As a friend told me: next time you see me, RUN.”

L.A. Knight vs. Finn Bálor
The two men start even. Knight dodges an elbow to the canvas and brings his opponent’s face.

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Against the commentary table. The Megastar goes up to the top rope, but his opponent trips him and throws him to the ground.

LA retaliates against a Neckbreaker with several body shots followed by a DDT. Bálor responds with Slingblades before taking a Clothesline.

He lands a Dropkick and goes for the Coup de Grace. Knight dodges it and connects with his elbow. Finn locates him and goes up to the top rope, but his opponent follows him for the Superplex. Neckbreaker for the win.
Winner: LA Knight on a count of three

The lights in the venue are completely turned off. Bray Wyatt’s signature lamp takes over the ring as the.

Audience conjures up fireflies. With songs from Thank You Bray, the show closes with that fire going out for the last time.

End of stream.