WWE SmackDown Result & Highlight: Rey &Dominik win, Bayley beat Carmella, Usos unleashing victory and more – 28th May 2021

WWE Smackdown Result: SmackDown starts with a backstage segment: Jimmy and Jey Uso are in Roman’s locker room. Jimmy is very excited as he will tag team with Jey for the first time in over a year.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman appear. The head of the table wants to know if they are feeling good and what Jimmy’s intentions are. Jimmy would like to win The Usos Tag Team title gold in the future, in order to then appear as champions together with Reigns. Reigns is happy because it sounds like Jimmy got it.

When Jimmy leaves the room, Reigns asks Jey if his brother is speaking for him. Jey tells Roman he’s with Jimmy’s tonight. Reigns thinks Jey should possibly tell Jimmy that too.

The street profits rise in the ring. As usual, both are in a great mood and create some mood before they hyped their upcoming match against The Usos as Clash of the Titans.

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Ford mimicked the Usos’ Samoan chants and talks about Jimmy’s injury-related break and the fact that Reigns is currently on Jey’s mind.

The Usos step into the ring too, and Jimmy makes it clear that it doesn’t matter if he’s been away for a year or ten years because “the best damn tag team in the business is back!” Jimmy mentions their achievements and then announces that they will soon be seven-time champions.

Jey threatens the profits because if they keep mentioning Reigns he’ll make them fall. Jey says, “Welcome to the nightmare!” Dawkins recalls that The Usos ran the Tag Team division back then, but that ruled out by Street Profits. The Usos end the promo with their catchphrase.

Commentators Michael Cole and McAfee chat about the upcoming WWE Live Tour.

1. Match
Tag Team Match
The Usos: Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated The Street Profits: Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins after Jimmy’s super kick against Montez Ford

Backstage: Megan Morant speaks to the Dirty Dawgs about their problems after losing the title and wants to know if it’s any different tonight will run. Roode admits her strategy didn’t work at WrestleMania Backlash. According to Ziggler, Rey had activated superhuman powers because his child in danger. Still, the Dirty Dawgs remain aces and they do whatever they want, when they want, and they will definitely be SmackDown Tag Team Champions again.

2nd Match
Non-Title Tag Team Match
Natalya & Tamina defeated Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan after Tamina’s Superfly Splash against Ruby Riott

Backstage: Adam Pearce is in his office looking at his phone. The Usos enter and Jimmy hypers their win today. Pearce agrees because it was an impressive win, after all, The Street Profits are a strong team. Jimmy wants to compete with Jey against the winners of today’s SmackDown Tag Team Title Match in the coming week. Pearce makes the match official. Jimmy leaves the office in a good mood – Jey stays behind and looks ambivalent.

Backstage: Kayla Braxton wants to ask Carmella a question, but Carmella comments on Kayla’s dress, then claims that Bianca won the title in a seedy way. However, she won the Wrestlemania Battle Royal, twice secured the Money in the Bank suitcase and is a former women’s champion. She is going to end the fairy tale of Bianca now!

Bayley comes out and sits down to the commentators for the next match.

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3. Match
Non-Title Match
Bianca Belair defeated Carmella after the KOD

After the match: Bayley stands on the commentary desk and laughs at Belair.

Backstage: The reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rey and Dominik Mysterio are with Megan Morant for an interview. Rey explains that they have a game plan tonight. It’s completely different when you work with your son. “If Dom is hurt, I’m hurt.” Dominik felt utter euphoria when they won the tag titles. Neither of them will lose tonight and neither team can top them. Rey and Dominik hug.

Seth Rollins gets in the ring and makes it clear that he’s not here to talk because he’s here to fight. Because of this, Cesaro expected to come out so they can end their affair. Rollins then notes that Cesaro is not there to ruin the biggest day of the year, “his birthday”.

Rollins shows in a video review why Cesaro is not there tonight. We see once again the brutality with which Rollins acted against the Swiss Superman.

Back in the ring: Seth claims it’s hard to look at, but that wasn’t the worst because he has an audio recording from Cesaro’s hospital room. Rollins can bring in this. We hear loud beeps and moans – Rollins laughs.

What happened to Cesaro previously, unfortunate. But Cesaro is complicit in bringing himself into this situation. Life is not black and white. Rollins is a man of integrity and responsibility. The audience at home is also responsible for brainwashing Cesaro. Only then did Cesaro believe that he would get chances, but he didn’t deserve them. Should Cesaro not return to the ring, the fault lies with Cesaro and the spectators. “My hands are clean, but your hands are filthy, filthy and guilty!”

4th Match
Non-Title Match
Apollo Crews (w / Commander Azeez) defeated Kevin Owens by DQ after Azeez intervened and Owens missed his Nigerian Nail Spike

After the match: Owens gasps, coughs and chokes while Crews & Azeez are extremely pleased.

Backstage: Roman Reigns is in his office when Jey shows up after Paul Heyman announced his visit.

Roman asks Jey about next week’s match and whether he really wants to play it. At the same time, the Head of the Tables wants to know what has become of “we”. Reigns recalls what they endured together and how he always wanted the best for Jey.

“I want you to do the right thing for the family. You are the Main Event Jey Uso … you own SmackDown.” Reigns continues to speak to Jey because he’s worried

Reigns doesn’t want Jey to go back to a place where people look at him and ask who he is. Jey says he hasn’t thought about it like that. Reigns asks Jey to think about it, because Jimmy doesn’t care.

At the ThunderDome: Rick Boogs plays his guitar and then announces that he’s here to rock with the King of Strong Style. Shinsuke Nakamura moves in.

Before the next match: Otis gives Nakamura a power slam.

5. Match
Shinsuke Nakamura (w / Rick Boogs) defeated Chad Gable after the Kinshasa – King Corbin recovered his crown during the match

After the match: Nakamura notices that Corbin is back in possession of his crown. Suddenly Corbin is attacked from behind by Boogs. Nakamura takes the crown and puts it on.

Backstage: Kevin Owens is being treated by the medical staff. KO continues to gasp and calls for an Intercontinental Championship match against crews without Azeez at the ring. Pearce confirms the match for the next week and declares that Azeez will not be allowed to be at the ring during the match.

Before the final commercial break, Rey Mysterio prepares for the main event. After the commercial break, Rey is on the floor. He was attacked.

In the ring: The Dirty Dawgs are concerned and declare that they have nothing to do with the attack. Since Rey cannot compete, both are ready to receive the SmackDown Tag Team titles.

Backstage: Dominik doesn’t want to admit defeat and is ready to compete alone.

6th match
2-on-1 SmackDown Tag Team Championship Handicap Match
Dominik Mysterio (c) defeated The Dirty Dawgs: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler via rollup from Dominik to Roode – Rey came out at the end of the match and distracted Roode

After the match: The Usos storm into the ring and confront Rey & Dominik Mysterio. Reigns watches the scenes on a monitor with Paul Heyman. That ends the show.


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