WWE Wrestlemania 19: Kurt Angle speaks out last time when he battled with Brock Lesnar he thought he was dead

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has recalled that Shooting Star Press at WrestleMania XIX from Brock Lesnar that went horribly wrong – and talking The Beast Incarnate into an ambulance.

On a recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show, which is available via AdFreeShows, the Olympic Gold Medallist retold the story of the manouevre from his perspective, lying on the mat and watching Lesnar hesitate before hitting the move.

“When he went to jump, he hesitated and then just said ‘aw, f*** it, I’m just going to go,’ I think that hesitation cost him to fall off balance forward so he couldn’t get a full rotation backward when he went to flip. When he landed, I thought he was dead. I thought he broke his neck, I thought he was dead.

“He wasn’t responding, I said ‘Brock, are you okay?’ He wasn’t saying anything, I went over and covered him and told him ‘You gotta kick [out], you gotta kick,’ because I did not want to hold that title for another day.”

Angle recalled the events that would follow the match, saying he had to take control of the situation as Lesnar simply didn’t know where he was, never mind being able to recall his cue.

“Afterward, he was so disheveled. He was confused, and didn’t know where he was. He was supposed to come over and pick me up and hug me, we were supposed to become friends and he wasn’t coming over [to do that]. I told the ref to tell him to come over and he wasn’t coming so I walked to him and hugged him.

The WWE Hall of Famer then revealed that Lesnar wouldn’t go to hospital, until Angle talked him into the ambulance.

We got in the back and he had an ambulance waiting for him to take him to the hospital and he wouldn’t go. He was not going to go, he was being stubborn, he was pretty pissed off. I had to talk him into getting in the ambulance and eventually he did.”


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