WWE Wrestlemania Hosts: Top 5 host of Wrestlemania all time

WWE WRESTLEMANIA HOSTS: WWE Wrestlemania brings special Guest Hosts each year leading to massive fan excitement. Special Guest hosts are celebrities which improve the audience’s exposure to the event and make the event feel valued for the money paid.

Here are top 5 hosts of Wrestlemania all time:

The Rock: Wrestlemania 27

Dwayne The Rock Johnson hosted the Wrestlemania 27th as the Special Guest Host. He returned to the WWE and cultivated a rivalry with John Cena. WWE Fans have always been addicted to The Rock as a wrestler and also as an actor.
Wrestlemania 27th was expecting a fight between Rock and John Cena but it went on to next year’s wrestlemania due to the scheduled match between Cena and The Miz for the WWE Championship at the main event. The Rock, as the host brought much needed excitement for the Wrestlemania 27th even without a fight.

The New Day: Wrestlemania 33

The New Day i.e. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods hosted the Wrestlemania 33rd edition. The New Day were presented as the special guest hosts due to their leading achievement of reaching the most days as the WWE Tag Team champions.
They broke the record previously hold by the Demolition. The New Day aimed to provide better fan experience as provided by Hulk Hogan and The Rock previously and managed to do sufficient at their job.

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Alexa Bliss: Wrestlemania 35

Alexa Bliss in her show “A Moment of Bliss” announced that Wrestlemania 35th’s host would be better than Kim Kardashian, The New Day and The Rock before announcing her own name as the special Guest Host for Wrestlemania 35th.

Alexa was presented as the Special Guest Host due to her successful career at the WWE RAW. She claimed the RAW Women’s title and dominated the women’s division for quite a while which made her the appropriate candidate for a host.

Rob Gronkowski: Wrestlemania 36

NFL legend Rob Gronkowski hosted Wrestlemania 36th and brought a much needed Celebrity diversity into WWE. With stars like Kim Kardashian and actors like Dwayne Johnson, a sport celebrity was a much needed one for Wrestlemania 36th.

Rob’s confidence was the only thing which made the event undoubtedly massive. He also tweeted, “WWE picked the right guy to host [Wrestlemania] because I know how to start a party on Saturday night and finish it 30 hours later.”

Hulk Hogan & Titus O Neil: Wrestlemania 37

Hulk Hogan along with Titus O Neil will be hosting the Wrestlemania 37th this April. Hulk Hogan would be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame for the second time this Wrestlemania. Titus O Neil have also been associated with WWE for quite a long time.

Titus O Neil has been a ring performer as well as been a huge Ambassador for WWE for years. Both the superstars would bring a lot a fan engagement this time at the Wrestlemania as the show is on.


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